Life Sciences 2022

Webinar Series: Cross-Practice Issues in the Life Sciences

Jones Day hosted a webinar series discussing pertinent topics in the life sciences industry.  This six-part series focused on cybersecurity and data privacy, IP, corporate, antitrust, tax, and health care regulatory topics for pharma, biotech, medtech, and digital health companies around the world.

SESSION I: Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Data Protection: Cybersecurity and Privacy Developments for Life Sciences Companies

The following topics will be examined in this session on cybersecurity and privacy developments in the life sciences:

  • International transfer developments.
  • Trends in enforcement (GDPR and U.S. litigation).
  • Emerging privacy laws and policy that affect life sciences clients (e.g., the U.S. ADPPA; the proposed rule for modernizing HIPAA; and state laws (CA, NY)).
  • Limits on data commercialization.
  • The EU health data legal framework: What is to come?

Presenters: Dr. Jörg Hladjk, Mauricio F. Paez


SESSION II: Intellectual Property: Collaborating and Commercializing: Key IP Considerations for Life Sciences Companies

This session will explore issues that frequently arise in the negotiation, implementation, and litigation of collaboration and commercialization agreements in the life sciences sector. Specific topics will include:

  • The most common ways IP disputes arise between parties to these agreements.
  • Drafting and negotiation strategies for mitigating litigation.
  • Dispute resolution options and best practices.
  • Preparing global IP portfolios for litigation and diligences.

Presenters: Jeremy P. Cole, Sarah A. Geers, Ka-on Li, Bing Liang, Ph.D.


SESSION III: Capital Markets: Preparing Your Life Sciences Company for an IPO

In this session, which will discuss preparing life sciences companies for IPOs, the following topics will be addressed:

  • The state of the market.
  • Preparing your IPO road map:
  • Key attributes of an IPO-ready company.
  • Key stages of the process.
  • A typical timeline.
  • Consideration of potential listing jurisdictions.
  • Practical tips for a successful IPO.
  • Crossover financings.
  • Corporate life after the IPO.

Presenters: Renaud Bonnet, Charles Chau, Peter E. Devlin, Giles P. Elliott, Vica Irani, Ferrell M. Keel,


SESSION IV: Tax: Taxes in Collaboration Agreements in the Life Sciences Industry

In this session, we will discuss the payments that are commonly due under license and collaboration agreements in the pharmaceutical industry, how such payments are taxed, and the provisions in such agreements that allocate tax payment responsibility between payor and payee.

Presenters: Thomas A. Briggs, Christopher S. Hanfling, Edward T. Kennedy


SESSION V: Health Care Regulatory: Trends and Issues in Enforcement and Whistleblower Claims

The specific topics that will be discussed in this session reviewing the trends and issues in enforcement and whistleblower claims include the following:

  • The regulatory landscape.
  • General readiness.
  • Enhanced risk – convergence of payor/providers.

Presenters: Heather O’Shea, Cristiana Spontoni, Kyle A. Diamantas