Blockchain for Business Lawyers, multiple authors and editors, American Bar Association

Blockchain for Business Lawyers identifies the principal challenges of blockchain (distributed ledger technology) in seven separate fields of law, reviews legal developments, and suggests possible resolutions in light of these developments.


Mark W. Rasmussen (partner, Dallas) 
James A. Cox (of counsel, Dallas)

Chapters and Authors

Chapter 1: Introduction to Blockchain Technology (James Cox, of counsel, Dallas)
Chapter 2: Cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings, and Financial Regulations (Mark Rasmussen, partner, Dallas) (Emily Harris, associate, Chicago) (Locke McMurray, of counsel, New York)
Chapter 3: Smart Code and Smart Contracts (Dickson Chin, partner, New York)
Chapter 4: Blockchain Technology, Security, and Privacy (Richard Johnson, partner, Dallas) (Samir Jain, partner, Washington) (Richard Martinez, partner, Minneapolis)
Chapter 5: Antitrust Regulation and Blockchain Technology (Ryan Thomas, partner, Washington) (Thomas York, associate, Dallas) (Peter Julian, associate, San Francisco)
Chapter 6: Cryptocurrencies and the Regulation of Money Transmission (Lisa Ledbetter, partner, Washington) (Colin Richard, associate, Washington) (Kayla Davis, associate, Washington)
Chapter 7: State Laws Addressing Blockchain Technology (Margaret Lyle, of counsel, Dallas) (Gwendolyn Higley, staff attorney, Dallas) (Jared Kelley, project attorney, Dallas)
Chapter 8: Disputes, Liability, and Jurisdiction in the Blockchain Era (Joseph Melnik, partner, Silicon Valley) (Bradley Harrison, partner, Cleveland)