Issues & Appeals

Innovative arguments lead to landmark wins

Jones Day's Issues & Appeals lawyers are creative legal thinkers, persuasive writers, and skilled oral advocates. We regularly practice in the United States Supreme Court and appellate courts across the country. But appeals are only half of what we do. We also work with trial teams to develop legal strategy, lead motions practice, and ensure a clean record for appeal. We help clients solve difficult legal problems outside the courtroom and help them anticipate and mitigate legal risk.

  • Our experienced advocates include more than 45 former Supreme Court clerks, as well as former clerks from nearly every U.S. Court of Appeals.
  • More than ten different Jones Day lawyers have argued before the U.S. Supreme Court a total of more than 40 times.
  • We are not a Washington-only appellate practice. Our lawyers reside in offices across the United States, which allows us to integrate with local case teams and leverage local expertise.
  • We are legal thinkers and writers, and we bring the same creativity and sharp pen to every project.
  • Many of our lawyers have deep knowledge of specific areas of law.