The Climate Report

The Climate Report is a periodic newsletter that examines some of the topics affecting the field of climate change.

In this issue:

U.S. Regulatory Developments

"California Continues Allowance Auctions as Litigation Expands and Considers 'Cap and Trade' Changes"
"EPA Proposes Renewable Identification Number Quality Assurance Program"

Climate Change Issues for Management

"Investor Group Proposes Requiring Sustainability Data Disclosure For Listing Companies On Stock Exchanges"
"Financial Institutions: The Next Chapter in Climate Change Shareholder Activism"

Renewable Energy and Carbon Markets

"IRS Issues Guidance on Tax Credit Eligibility for Renewable Energy Projects"
"Distributed Solar Generation Poised to Surge in 2013 and Beyond"

Climate Change Litigation

"Texas Challenges Revocation of State Permitting Authority for Failing to Anticipate Greenhouse Gas Regulation Under the Clean Air Act"
"Iowa Court of Appeals Declines to Extend Public Trust Doctrine to the Atmosphere"
"D.C. Circuit Affirms Listing of Polar Bear as 'Threatened' Under Endangered Species Act"

Climate Change Regulation Beyond the U.S.

"Shaping the 2015 Climate Change Agreement: Stakeholder Consultation"
"European Commission's Green Paper on a 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy Policies"

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