Forced Labor in Health Care Supply Chains: What Hospital Leaders Need to Know

Jones Day, the American Hospital Association's Hospitals Against Violence Initiative, and HEAL Trafficking (Health, Education, Advocacy, Linkage) hosted a convening on November 3, 2022 in Chicago to provide practical information and resources to health care providers regarding human trafficking, with a specific focus on health care supply chain issues and how they sometimes interact with forced labor. At the convening, The Firm's Bethany Biesenthal, Nicole Perry, Taylor Goodspeed, and Kaitlinn Sliter discussed a multitude of forced labor legal issues of which health care providers should be aware, including: 

  • Current compliance and government enforcement trends;
  • Corporate diligence with respect to forced labor in supply chain;
  • Civil litigation with forced labor allegations; and 
  • The recent increase in withholding goods from entering the United States, if the goods were made with forced labor.

The Jones Day panel at the convening was presented in tandem with the publication of "Global Spotlight on Labor Trafficking in Healthcare and Corporate Supply Chains," a Jones Day White Paper that focused on international efforts to fight labor trafficking, with an emphasis on recent litigation and legislation targeting forced labor.