The Climate Report

The Climate Report is a periodic newsletter that examines some of the topics affecting the field of climate change.

In this issue:

U.S. Regulatory Developments

"EPA Issues Emissions Rule for Hydraulically Fractured Natural Gas Wells"
"EPA Proposes Greenhouse Gas Limits for New Electric Generating Units"
"EPA Proposes Third Phase of Greenhouse Gas 'Tailoring Rule'"

Climate Change Issues for Management

"NRDC Issues First State-by-State Review of Preparedness for Climate Change Impacts Related to Water"
"Insurance industry Representatives Hold Capitol Hill Climate Change Risk Press Conference"

Renewable Energy and Carbon Markets

"Department of Defense Expands Its Commitment to Renewables"
"Fish & Wildlife Service Issues Wind Energy Project Guidelines"

Climate Change Litigation

"Climate Change Tort Suit Over Hurrican Katrina Damages Off to the Fifth Circuit"
"Environmental Groups Challenge California's 'Cap and Trade' Regulations"
"D.C. Federal Judge Grants Motions to Intervene in Climate Change 'Public Trust' Lawsuit"

Climate Change Regulation Beyond the U.S.

"EU Aviation Directive Triggers Thunderstorm in Otherwise 'Open Skies'"
"UK Department of Energy and Climate Change Consults on Simplified CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme"

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