The Climate Report

The Climate Report is a periodic newsletter that examines some of the topics affecting the field of climate change.

In this issue:

U.S. Regulatory Developments
"U.S. EPA Proposes to Regulate Greenhouse Gas Emissions Under Existing Clean Air Act Authority"
"Senate Includes Nuclear Energy Title in Climate Change Bill, While Obama Administration Continues to Promote Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Technology"
"States Lobbying Congress to Eliminate Preemption of State Cap and Trade Programs"
"U.S. EPA Solicits Additional Public Comment on Geologic Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide"

Climate Change Issues for Management
"Shareholder Activists and Institutional Investors Continue to Press Climate Change Initiatives"

Carbon Market Transactions
"Congress Considers Tax Implications of Potential Cap and Trade Programs"
"EU Considers Measures to Address VAT Fraud in Carbon Trading"

Tools for the Carbon Market
"Companies Considering Voluntary Greenhouse Gas Reduction Projects Face Complex Issues"
Climate Change Litigation
"Georgia Appeals Court Overturns Ruling Vacating Air Permit for Coal-Fired Plant"
"Industry Groups Challenge U.S. EPA's Approval of Waiver for California Greenhouse Gas Emissions Limits"
"Environmental Advocacy Group Argues that California Environmental Quality Act Requires Project-Specific Climate Change Analysis"

Climate Change Regulation Beyond the U.S.
"The U.K. Supports New Climate Change Treaty in Copenhagen"
"France Adopts a Carbon Tax to Complement EU Cap and Trade Program"
"India Takes Up Measures to Address Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Climate Change"