The Climate Report

The Climate Report is a periodic newsletter that examines some of the topics affecting the field of climate change.

In this issue:

U.S. Regulatory Developments

"CARB to Finalize California Cap and Trade Regulations"
"Energy Policy Developments Favor Renewable Energy Sources"
"First Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reports Submitted as EPA Continues to Issue Related Rules"
"EPA Misses Deadline for Proposed Power Plant Greenhouse Gas Emission Rule"

Climate Change Issues for Management

"Ceres Report Finds Irony in the Inadequacy of Insurers' Attention to Climate Risk"

Carbon Market Transactions

"Planting the Seeds for Development? Outlook for Future U.S. Offshore Wind Power"
"Storm Clouds with a Silver Lining? Outlook for U.S. Renewable Energy Sector"

Climate Change Litigation

"Courts Find Lack of Standing to Challenge Agencies for Failure to Consider Climate Change"
"Virginia Supreme Court Rejects Insurer 'Duty to Defend' in Climate Change Suit"
"Environmental Groups Challenge Deferral of Greenhouse Gas Permitting Requirements for Bioenergy and Biogenic Sources"

Climate Change Regulation Beyond the U.S.

"Renewable Energy Offers New Hope for Post-3/11 Japan"
"France Adopts Regulatory Framework for On-Shore Wind Generators"

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