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Kristin Zinsmaster helps companies of all kinds successfully navigate complex criminal and civil litigation, enforcement actions, and investigations. She has worked on matters at every stage — from internal investigation to discovery to jury trial — in state and federal courts.

Kristin assists clients in many and varied industries, with particular focus on those doing business in the areas of health care and financial services. Her experience in litigation and investigations encompasses a range of subject areas, including business torts and contract disputes, fraud and embezzlement, federal securities law, shareholder derivative actions, anticorruption (Foreign Corrupt Practice Act [FCPA] and UK Bribery Act), and the False Claims Act (FCA).

Prior to joining Jones Day in 2016, Kristin practiced law at another firm in Minneapolis. During this time she participated in the investigation and litigation of securities and shareholder derivative matters in state and federal courts for a large medical device manufacturer. The majority of these matters resulted in unequivocal victories. Through this work, Kristin gained extensive experience in special litigation committee (SLC) investigations. She also devoted a significant portion of her practice to assisting clients in the financial services industry, defending against Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) inquiries and an enforcement action brought by the United States Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

Kristin maintains a sizeable pro bono practice, devoted primarily to representing defendants in the District of Minnesota who qualify for the services of the Federal Defender. Kristin is a former collegiate athlete and serves on the board of directors of CycleHealth, an organization devoted to kids' wellness.


  • Ricoh resolves Lanham Act case involving its global "imagine. change." tagline in D. Minn.Jones Day defended Ricoh Co., Ltd. and Ricoh USA, Inc. in a Lanham Act case in the District of Minnesota in which a commercial printing company accused Ricoh of infringing certain trademarks owned by the plaintiff.
  • Pro bono client serving ten-year sentence for non-violent drug offense obtains compassionate releaseOn March 5, 2021, Jones Day secured the compassionate release of Gadelle Ferguson, in light of the fact that his pre-existing health conditions rendered him uniquely susceptible to an elevated risk of severe illness or death if he were to contract COVID-19 in federal prison.
  • Global healthcare company obtains declinations from DOJ and SEC after multi-year investigation into corruption in Asia and EuropeJones Day obtained declinations from DOJ and the SEC on behalf of a global healthcare company that was under investigation for allegations of making improper payments in Asia and Europe.
  • Pro bono client obtains not guilty verdict on first-degree murder charges; appeal on second-degree murder pendingJones Day attorneys accepted a community appointment to represent Rodney Jackson against state murder charges.
  • Mortgage originators successfully resolve lawsuits arising from 2008 financial crisisJones Day represented two mortgage originators in successfully resolving breach-of-contract and indemnification claims brought by a liquidating trust of a defunct mortgage-loan securitizer relating to the origination, sale, and securitization of residential mortgage loans.
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