2019 California Employment Legislation Update

The new year brings significant changes to California's employment laws, many of which increase protection for victims of harassment while restricting the use of nondisclosure agreements. It remains to be seen whether new Governor Gavin Newsom will, like his predecessor Jerry Brown, veto the most controversial measures passed by the Legislature. Nevertheless, we expect 2019 to bring additional employment-related legislation that will create new challenges for employers.

This White Paper examines 2019’s new employment-related laws, including Senate Bill 1300, one of the most critical pieces of legislation to arise from the #MeToo movement. Among the other bills we explore: Senate Bill 826, which requires publicly held, California-based corporations to have a minimum of one woman on their Boards of Directors by the end of 2019; Assembly Bill 1976, which requires employers to make reasonable efforts to provide a room or place for breastfeeding that is not a bathroom; and Assembly Bill 2282, which clarifies a 2017 statute that prohibited employers from inquiring about an applicant’s salary history.

Finally, we describe bills that were vetoed by former Governor Brown or that failed to pass both Houses of the California Legislature, as well as other federal and state developments, and offer recommendations for employers in light of the new legislation.