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Motorola, LG, and Samsung obtain dismissal of patent infringement lawsuit relating to smartphone navigation apps

Client(s) Motorola Mobility; LG Electronics; Samsung Electronics America

Jones Day represented Motorola Mobility, LG Electronics (and related entities), and Samsung Electronics America (and related entities) in three separate patent infringement actions brought by NavBlazer LLC involving various traffic map and navigation applications used on smartphones. With venue challenges pending and following invalidity contentions, NavBlazer dismissed the actions with prejudice.

NavBlazer, LLC v. Samsung Electronics Co., LTD, et al., No. 6-20-cv-00089 (W.D. Tex.); NavBlazer, LLC v. LG Electronics, Inc., et al., No. 6-20-cv-00095 (W.D. Tex.); NavBlazer, LLC v. Motorola Mobility LLC, No. 6-20-cv-00100 (W.D. Tex.)