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Qualcomm successfully defends patentability challenges in five IPR cases

Client(s) Qualcomm Incorporated

Jones Day successfully defended challenges to Qualcomm Incorporated's U.S. Pat. No. 9,154,356 ("Low noise amplifiers for carrier aggregation") in five inter partes review ("IPR") proceedings filed by Intel Corporation. In each proceeding, the Patent Trial and Appeal Board ("PTAB") concluded that Intel failed to show that the challenged claims were unpatentable. In reaching its decisions, the PTAB rejected Intel's proposed construction of the term "carrier aggregation" as overly broad and instead adopted Qualcomm's proposed construction. These patentability determinations were a significant victory for Qualcomm because in an earlier ITC proceeding, as part of Qualcomm's high profile global litigation with Apple, two of the challenged claims were ruled invalid based on the same prior art that Intel presented to the PTAB.

Intel Corporation, et al. v. Qualcomm Incorporated, IPR Nos. 2019-00047, -00048, -00049, -00128, -00129 (PTAB)