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Escape Dynamics seeks regulatory approval for testing space launch vehicles using microwave RF energy

Clients Escape Dynamics, Inc.

Jones Day is assisting Escape Dynamics, Inc. in working with the federal government to secure the necessary approvals for testing space launch vehicles using microwave RF energy. Escape Dynamics is developing an electromagnetically-powered space launch and aerospace propulsion systems with the goal of enabling single-stage-to-orbit, fully and rapidly reusable space launch vehicles. Instead of the current approach, in which space launch vehicles carry large, heavy tanks of liquid fuel, Escape Dynamics would use microwave RF energy to transfer power to the launch vehicle through the air and space.

Because of the potential public safety issues related to its technology, Escape Dynamics will require substantial and numerous regulatory approvals from various federal agencies before it can conduct outdoor tests and demonstrations of its technology.

Earlier this year, Escape Dynamics secured an initial approval from the Federal Communications Commission to conduct horizontal outdoor tests in a remote desert environment. Once these tests are complete, Escape Dynamics will seek approvals to begin testing in a vertical direction. If Escape Dynamics is successful in demonstrating its technology, it could revolutionize the space transport industry.