The Fat Tail Reporter

Introducing The Fat Tail Reporter

Before the financial crisis began to unfold in 2007, little thought was given to the ramifications of being a "systemically important financial institution" or "major swap participant" or of engaging in transactions with "covered banking entities." Now, with the regulatory foundation shifting beneath our feet, these terms and dozens of others have become part of our daily lives. As regulators scramble to implement the 2,300-page framework of financial reforms informally known as "Dodd-Frank" within the ambitious time frames mandated by the statute—and in an election year, no less—it is increasingly difficult to sift through the various issues and determine what, if anything, is relevant to your business. It is with financial reform and its far-reaching implications in mind that we are pleased to present the inaugural edition of The Fat Tail Reporter. We seek to cover a range of issues relevant to all market participants, with a particular focus on those firms that utilize derivatives as part of their business, as well as the banking entities that are directly affected by the sweeping regulatory changes.

This edition showcases the many ways in which Jones Day services the structured and derivatives products industry.

In This Issue:

"Mandatory Clearing and Cross-Margining"
"Calculation Dispute Resolution Procedure: A New Detailed Process for Dispute Resolution"
"Clarifying the Use of Section 2(a)(iii) of the ISDA Master Agreement"
"FATCA Proposed Regulations: Deadlines Eased but the System Moves Forward"

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