Phillip M.Shelton Ph.D.


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Dr. Phillip Shelton's practice focuses on patent prosecution and patent portfolio management in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. His practice involves preparing and prosecuting patent applications, managing worldwide patent portfolio strategies, performing due diligence evaluations and freedom-to-operate analyses, as well as evaluating the patentability/invalidity of claims. He is also involved in inter partes review (IPR) proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and European Opposition procedures before the European Patent Office (EPO).

Phillip has experience with a wide range of technologies, including cell-based therapeutics (e.g, stem cells and iPS cells), gene therapy, CRISPR technology, bioengineered microorganisms, CAR-T therapies, neoantigen identification, antibody therapeutics, xenotransplantation, AAV-based therapeutics, clinical diagnostics, pharmacodynamic and diagnostic biomarkers, mitochondrial replacement therapy, and peptide therapeutics, among others. He has worked with established companies, start-ups, and research institutions.

Phillip holds a Ph.D. in molecular toxicology and a M.S. in molecular medicine from the University of Maryland. Prior to joining Jones Day, Phillip worked as a postdoctoral research associate in Jorge Moscat and Maria Diaz-Meco's lab in La Jolla, California, where he investigated the role of microRNAs and extracellular vesicles in promoting colorectal cancer metastases. Phillip has coauthored several publications and presented at international research conferences.


  • AbbVie develops patent portfolio related to BCMA x CD3 bispecific antibodiesJones Day is representing AbbVie Inc. in connection with the development of a global patent portfolio related to a BCMA x CD3 T-cell engaging bispecific antibody that is being studied in clinical trials.
  • Hope Pharmaceuticals files two IPR petitions challenging all claims of two Fennec patents relating to sodium thiosulfateJones Day represents Hope Medical Enterprises, Inc. ("Hope Pharmaceuticals") in two petitions for inter partes review ("IPR") at the United States Patent Office's Patent Trial and Appeal Board ("PTAB").
  • Bellicum Pharmaceuticals establishes global patent portfolio related to CAR-T and other cellular immunotherapiesJones Day is representing Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. in the development and prosecution of global patent portfolios related to cellular immuno-oncology (IO) and immunotherapies, including BPX-601 (PSCA CAR-T) and BPX-603 (Her2 CAR-T) clinical candidates utilizing the Bellicum’s proprietary GoCAR™ technology.
    • April 5, 2021
      Conditional Offer to Abandon Claims Does Not Constitute Waiver to Assert, PTAB Litigation Blog
    • June 2020
      District Courts Find PTAB Statements Constitute Disclaimer, PTAB Litigation Blog
    • January 2020
      Collateral Estoppel Applied by District Court Following IPR on Similar Patents, PTAB Litigation Blog

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