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Default judgment successfully liquidated

Client(s) Jon Brent Smith

On September 28, 2011, Pittsburgh associates Rebekah B. Kcehowski and Ira M. Karoll successfully represented pro bono client Jon Brent Smith in a default judgment liquidation hearing, presenting testimony from Mr. Smith and a series of exhibits, and obtaining the requested liquidated default judgment of $290,000.00 against three defendants. The hearing ended a more than four-month representation of Mr. Smith in a complex proceeding involving eight parties and more than nine claims, counterclaims, and crossclaims arising out of a failed life insurance transaction. Jones Day was appointed as pro bono counsel for mediation purposes by Judge Nora Barry Fischer as part of the Western District of Pennsylvania's pro se/pro bono ADR program, which Jones Day coordinates for the Court. After helping Mr. Smith resolve all claims by and against two parties in mediation, Jones Day participated in the default judgment liquidation proceeding at the request of Judge Fischer and Mr. Smith. Judge Fischer made a point at the end of the hearing to thank Jones Day, Ms. Kcehowski, and Mr. Karoll on the record for their participation and assistance in this matter.

Select Brokerage Servs., Inc., et al. v. Asset Building Consultants, Ltd., et al., No. 10-CV-953 (W.D. Pa.)