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Client obtains clear title to her home after receiving estranged husband's written consent

Client(s) Herrera, Matilde

Jones Day assisted Ms. Herrera in removing her estranged husband's name from the title to their home and obtaining a homestead exemption for the property. Ms. Herrera's husband had fled the United States years prior, and since that time Ms. Herrera had maintained the family home and made all of the mortgage payments. Ms. Herrera wanted to refinance the mortgage on her home, but she could not do so without her estranged husband's written consent. Jones Day lawyers helped track down Mr. Herrera in Mexico and prepared a special warranty deed, deeding the house to Ms. Herrera, which Mr. Herrera executed. This enabled Ms. Herrera to take the necessary steps to claim a homestead exemption and to clear her husband's name from the title. In the process of helping Ms. Herrera clear title, however, Jones Day discovered additional tax issues that prevented Ms. Herrera from successfully refinancing her mortgage.