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Human trafficking victim obtains vacatur relief

Clients Y.F.M.

As part of Jones Day's Post-Conviction Relief Program, a team of attorneys obtained relief for client Y.F.M., who was sex trafficked in California in 2015. While being coerced by her trafficker to work in a brothel, Y.F.M. was arrested for prostitution. The Jones Day team persuaded the Los Angeles City Attorney not to oppose a request to vacate Y.F.M.'s arrest and conviction pursuant to California Penal Code § 236.14 because she was a victim of sex trafficking. The court agreed and vacated Y.F.M.'s conviction, and ordered law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction over the offense to seal and destroy her arrest records. Y.F.M. now has the freedom to seek gainful employment as a social worker for the elderly and provide a stable home for her children.