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Mattel and Fisher-Price defeat putative nationwide consumer class action  lawsuits

Client(s) Mattel, Inc. and Fisher-Price, Inc.

On February 2, 2016, Mattel, Inc. and Fisher-Price, Inc. defeated  plaintiffs' motion for class certification of dozens of consumer  protection claims under the laws of several different states pending in  the Northern District of Alabama. Plaintiffs alleged that the companies  failed to disclose to consumers that their popular infant product, the  Rock 'n Play Sleeper, has a propensity to develop mold. After extensive  discovery, briefing and a lengthy hearing the Court denied plaintiffs'  motion for class certification from the bench.

In 2015, Mattel and Fisher-Price successfully opposed certification of a  nationwide class or alternative statewide classes pursuing nearly  identical claims in consolidated actions in California.

Harris v. Fisher-Price, No. cv-13-00076 (N.D. Ala.); Torpey v. Mattel, No. 13-01700-DSF (C.D. Cal.); Butler v. Mattel, 13-00306-DSF (C.D. Cal.)