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Jeff Schenk served with the U.S. Attorney's Office (USAO) for almost two decades, and his sophisticated litigation practice makes him well-positioned to represent and advise corporate clients on administrative, civil, or criminal investigations. During his government service, Jeff chaired and co-chaired 12 federal jury trials to verdict, including securities fraud, public corruption, health care fraud, tax fraud, and environmental crimes.

Jeff's investigative and trial experiences cover a broad array of fraud matters, money laundering, and regulatory violations such as Pipeline Safety Act violations. Through his prosecutorial experiences, Jeff understands the decision-making processes and enforcement strategies undertaken at the highest levels of government. He has significant experience investigating and prosecuting parallel-SEC, white collar, and securities frauds.

Jeff successfully represented the USAO in many high-profile jury trials. He led the separate jury trials of a CEO and COO of Theranos, Inc., a health care technology company in prosecutions arising out of multimillion dollar schemes to defraud investors and patients in connection with blood testing services in which the juries found the parties guilty of multiple counts of conspiracy and wire fraud. He also co-chaired a three-week jury trial of a former Santa Clara police officer for cybercrime and honest services fraud charges arising out of his sale of confidential law enforcement information to members of a violent street gang, and he led two separate trials against a CEO and CFO arising out of a multimillion dollar Ponzi scheme in which the jury found the parties guilty of conspiracy to commit mail, wire, and securities fraud.