ShijingLuo Ph.D. (Nora)


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Nora Luo focuses on patent prosecution and strategic intellectual property counseling in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Her practice includes preparation and prosecution of U.S. and international patent applications, patent portfolio management, due diligence evaluations, freedom-to-operate analyses, patentability evaluations, and inter partes review proceedings.

Nora has worked with established companies, start-ups, and research institutions. She has experience with a wide range of technologies, including immunotherapy (e.g., antibodies, vaccines, cell-based therapies, CAR-T cell technology, immune checkpoint modulators), gene therapy, CRISPR technology, RNA splicing, cancer therapeutics, virology, stem cells, neurological disorder therapeutics, high-throughput screening, genomics, diagnostic assays, anti-aging therapeutics, and small molecule pharmaceuticals.

Nora holds a Ph.D. in molecular biology from Princeton University. While at Princeton, she was awarded the American Society for Cell Biology Norton B. Gilula Award and was the recipient of the National Institute of Health Fellowship. Prior to joining Jones Day, Nora was a Damon Runyon Cancer Research fellow at The Rockefeller University. Her scientific work has been published in a number of peer-reviewed journals, including Cell, and was featured in The New York Times and Nature.


  • Celgene develops patent portfolio for anti-CD47 therapeutic antibodiesJones Day represented Celgene Corporation in the development of a portfolio of patents directed to anti-CD47 therapeutic antibodies.
  • Celgene develops worldwide patent portfolios covering CAR-T and other cellular therapeuticsJones Day is advising Celgene Corporation in the strategic development of worldwide patent portfolios covering CAR-T and other cellular therapeutics.
  • Celldex Therapeutics develops worldwide patent portfolios for receptor tyrosine kinase antibody therapeuticsJones Day is developing worldwide patent portfolios for Celldex Therapeutics, Inc.'s receptor tyrosine kinase antibody therapeutics, including anti-ErbB3 and anti-KIT antibody clinical candidates.
  • Biogen MA builds patent portfolio relating to Tecfidera®Jones Day represents Biogen MA Inc. in patent prosecution and portfolio development relating to Tecfidera®.
  • Additional Publications

    Publications Prior to Jones Day


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