NanxiLu Ph.D.

IP Legal Intern

New York + 1.212.326.3698

Dr. Nanxi Lu is a registered patent agent and a lawyer-in-training focusing on patent prosecution and client counseling in the life sciences and biotech industries. Her practice includes drafting and prosecuting patent applications, as well as performing due diligence investigations, patentability and invalidity assessments, freedom-to-operate analyses, and patent strategy counseling.

Nanxi has a wide range of technical experience that includes microbiome therapeutics and diagnostics, next-generation gene sequencing, CAR-T cell therapies, AAV-based therapeutics, antibody development and therapeutics, drug formulations, drug delivery, vaccine development, RNA interference, gene therapies, and gene editing.

Prior to embarking in a career in the legal industry, Nanxi interned at Yale University, Office of Cooperative Research, where she was involved in patentability analyses, inventor counseling, and marketing and commercialization outreach. As a postdoctoral research associate of the Microbial Sciences Institute at Yale, she gained extensive knowledge in the interdisciplinary fields of microbiome ecology, environmental microbiology, next-generation gene sequencing, and high-throughput analyses. Her Ph.D. thesis work focused on extracellular DNA and the dissemination of antibiotic resistance and antibiotic resistant microorganisms. Prior to joining Jones Day in 2021, Nanxi worked as a technical specialist and patent agent at an intellectual property specialty law firm in Washington, D.C.

Nanxi is the recipient of numerous academic fellowships and honors, including the Data Science Initiative Award from Northwestern University and awards from the Chicago Biomedical Consortium and American Chemistry Society. She has presented her scientific work at several international research conferences and in highly ranked peer-reviewed journals.


  • Turnstone Biologics develops patent portfolios for its oncolytic virus clinical candidateJones Day is representing Turnstone Biologics Corp. in the development of patent portfolios covering its oncolytic virus programs.
  • Nanjing Legend Biotech establishes global patent portfolio for CAR-T therapeuticsJones Day represents Nanjing Legend Biotech Co., Ltd et al in the development and prosecution of global patent portfolios related to chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) and other cellular therapeutics, including CARVYKTI ® and other clinical trial candidates.
  • Celldex Therapeutics develops worldwide patent portfolios for anti-tyrosine kinase receptor therapeutic antibodiesJones Day is representing Celldex Therapeutics, Inc. in connection with the development and prosecution of global portfolios related to the company's lead clinical and pre-clinical anti-tyrosine kinase receptor therapeutic antibodies.