Justin L.Campolieta


New York + 1.212.326.3662

With two decades of experience as a trial attorney for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Office of the Chief Counsel, Justin Campolieta has overseen the development, litigation, and resolution of some of the largest and most complex tax cases in the United States. Justin has broad experience with administrative and judicial tax controversies involving a wide variety of procedural and substantive tax issues, including transfer pricing, tax evasion and fraud, financial products, tax treaties, cross-border information sharing, employment tax, collection due process, partnership taxation, administrative law, and a host of corporate and individual income tax issues.

For the past decade, Justin's practice has focused primarily on international tax matters, with a concentration on high-stakes transfer pricing controversies, typically involving the transfer and valuation of "crown jewel" intangibles by some of the largest corporate taxpayers in the world. Justin's experience with international tax matters extends both to the courtroom, where he served as lead counsel on large-scale transfer pricing controversies, as well as to dispute resolution within the IRS, the Office of Chief Counsel, and the Independent Office of Appeals, leading to reduced costs and greater certainty for the government and for taxpayers.

In addition to his trial experience in the United States Tax Court, throughout his career, Justin has advised revenue agents and officers and other IRS representatives and executives on all facets of tax administration, including examination, collection, litigation, settlement, and overall case development. He also coordinated closely with the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Department of Justice Tax Division at all significant stages of litigation in U.S. District Courts and Court of Claims.