Jones Day State Tax Return Newsletter

The State Tax Return Newsletter is a bi-monthly publication by Jones Day's Tax Practice.

In this issue:

  • Reinventing the Quill? DMA Wins the Initial Battle in Colorado, but the War Wages On
  • Texas Margin Tax Rate Debate—Controversies Ensue
  • Breaking News:  Companies Doing Business With Federal Government May Seek Texas Sales Tax Refunds
  • Legislating The Bizarre—Odd 2011 State Tax Bills
  • In Search of Greener Tax Returns: States and Localities Mull Over Combined Reporting and Apportionment Changes
  • Regional Spotlight: Tax-ing Responses to Budget Woes in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota
  • 2011 Legislation Limiting Use of State Net Operating Losses and Tax Credits to Close Budget Deficits
  • Nexus: Update on Recent Developments For Fourth Quarter 2010
  • Save the Date - State Tax Seminars