State Tax Return Newsletter

The State Tax Return Newsletter is a bi-monthly publication by Jones Day's Tax Practice.

In this issue:

  • Join the Dialogue: Should the Supreme Court Limit Federal Court Jurisdiction Over Matters Involving State Taxes?
  • New York State's Proposed Corporate Tax Reform: A Headquarters State No Longer?
  • Save the Date - New York University's 29th Institute on State and Local Taxation, December 13-14, 2010
  • California Tax Developments for 2010 and 2011
  • Colorado Fast-Tracks Tax Reform Legislation
  • Louisiana's New Rules Now Require Advance Request for Income/Franchise Tax Return Extensions
  • Has the Era of Free Street-Legal Golf Carts for Oklahomans Ended?
  • 2010 Legislation Limiting Use of State Net Operating Losses and Tax Credits to Close Budget Deficits
  • Streamlined Sales Tax Update: Ohio Retains Origin Sourcing for Intrastate Sales of Tangible Personal Property
  • Combined Reporting on the Move: Recent Proposals and Legislation
  • An Update on State Wage Withholding and the Mobile Workforce Act From the Payroll Department: Cut Us a Break!