State Tax Return Newsletter

The State Tax Return Newsletter is a bi-monthly publication by Jones Day's Tax Practice.

In this issue:

  • Oral Argument at the Ohio Supreme Court on the Constitutional Challenge to Ohio's CAT 
  • Louisiana's 2009 Regular Session Adds Some Significant Tax Provisions
  • Amnesty! Amnesty! Amnesty!
  • Our Top 10 in Honor of the 50th Anniversary of P.L. 86-272
  • Virginia Ruling Allows Utilization of NOLs Incurred Before the Taxpayer Became Taxable in the State
  • Troubled Times for State and Local Taxes: How Unexpected Obligations Arise for Loss Companies, Officers, and Directors
  • United States Tax Treaties May Not Provide Protection From U.S. State Taxes
  • Ohio Supreme Court Breaks from the Pack and Finds that Ohio Must Pay Claimants Interest on Unclaimed Funds
  • Federal Court Declares Kentucky Unclaimed Property Statute for Traveler's Checks Unconstitutional
  • New Texas Law May Impact Fall Unclaimed Property Reporting
  • Think Twice About Immunity from Claims Regarding Property
  • Escheated to the State
  • Nexus: Update on Recent Developments
  • State Tax Upcoming Speaking Engagement Events Calendar
  • Editorial Board/Further Information