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Mario Todino has more than 25 years of experience in EU and Italian competition law, including 15 years in governmental roles in Italy and Brussels, as well as the European Court of Justice. Specifically, Mario served the Legal Service and Cabinet of the President of the Italian Competition Authority and the DG Competition of the European Commission in Brussels.

Mario's practice focuses on merger control, cartels, abuses of dominance, state aid matters, and litigation in Brussels and in Italy. In recent years he has represented clients such as FIAT Chrysler, Imerys, ENI, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Banca d'Italia, BNL/BNP Paribas, Fondo Strategico Italiano, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, Hitachi, FCA Bank, and STMicroelectronics.

Mario has handled a number of high-profile mergers with the European Commission and in private practice spanning a variety of industrial sectors such as energy, pharma, medical devices, health care, infrastructure, consumer goods, automotive, banking and insurance, and telecom and media.

He also has extensive experience in cartels and unilateral practices; state aid, particularly in the financial sector; and litigation before the EU courts and the Italian courts (annulment actions and follow-on damages actions).

Mario is coauthor of the textbook La disciplina della concorrenza in Italia. He lectures on EC and domestic competition law and has authored various articles in this area. He is member of the Italian Antitrust Review scientific committee and of the Executive Committee of the Italian Antitrust Association.


  • FCA Bank and CACF obtain dismissal of appeal challenging annulment of alleged anticompetitive practice in Italian car financing sectorJones Day advised FCA Bank S.p.A. and Crédit Agricole Consumer Finance SA ("CACF") in an antitrust investigation of the Italian Competition Authority ("ICA") relating to alleged anticompetitive exchanges of information between captive banks of car manufacturers in Italy on interest rates and financial terms offered to consumers.
  • Leasys resolves Italian Competition Authority investigationJones Day represented auto rental company Leasys in one of the highest profile antitrust investigations conducted by the Italian Competition Authority (ICA) in recent years, involving information exchange practices among several Italian-based automotive leasing and fleet management companies.
  • ENI is advised on competition law mattersJones Day provides ongoing competition law advice to Italian oil and gas company ENI S.p.A. on a range of competition law matters, including vertical agreements, merger transactions, and operational agreements.
  • Trade association defends Italian Competition Authority investigationJones Day represented and defended a leading trade association in the construction industry in administrative investigations and appeal court proceedings against a fine issued by the Italian antitrust authority on the ground of an alleged anti-competitive exchange of information.
  • Italian central bank prevails before European Court of Justice in State aid litigationJones Day obtained a decisive victory for Banca d’Italia, the Italian central bank, in its successful defense against the European Commission's appeal before the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”) of the General Court’s (“GC”) judgment in favor of Banca Tercas.
  • Confidential client responds to Greek antitrust investigationJones Day advised a confidential client with respect to an investigation by the Greek Competition Authority into an alleged abuse of dominance.
  • General Electric responds to Italian antitrust proceedingsJones Day advised General Electric Co. in connection with Italian Competition Authority proceedings related to alleged abuse of dominance in maintenance services for medical devices.
  • Leasys acquires Win RentJones Day advised Leasys S.p.A. (part of FCA Bank S.p.A.) on the antitrust-related aspects of its acquisition of Win Rent S.p.A.
  • Imerys merger with Kerneos receives antitrust clearanceJones Day represented Imerys S.A., a multinational manufacturer of industrial minerals, on the antitrust aspects of its €880 million acquisition of Kerneos, a global producer and supplier of specialty cements.
  • Imerys obtains European Commission clearance for acquisition of AlteoJones Day assisted Imerys S.A., a multinational manufacturer of industrial minerals, in the competition law assessment and merger filing for its acquisition of a business branch of Alteo, a leading French producer of specialty alumina.
  • Altre Pubblicazioni

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      What agenda for Commissioner Vestager – Competition policy international 2020
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      EU merger control and harm to innovation – in Antitrust Bullettin, I-20 (Sage Journals)

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