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Client charged with two counts of forgery receives sentence of probation

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Jones Day's client was charged with two counts of forgery. The State wouldn't budge from a proposed deal requiring two years of incarceration, which was essentially the minimum sentence under the circumstances. Carol Geisler and Lindsey Dates worked up a compelling mitigation case, highlighting positive aspects of the client's background and his strong future prospects, and, over the course of multiple hearings, convinced the circuit judge that a sentence of probation (no prison time at all) was the most appropriate outcome. Along the way, Carol Geisler and Lindsey Dates orchestrated a highly illuminating mock trial in the office with the client present and participating. Laurie Duffin, Daisy Flores, Cheryl Forrestal, Gina Erickson, Rachel Repke, and Fred Lee (Williams Lea) served as our jurors and gave astute feedback in support of their verdict, and Sandi Zuba played the role of a witness. Bill Dolan cross-examined the client and pretty much changed the client's whole world view.