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Abused Guinean woman wins asylum

Clients Guinea applicant for asylum

Jones Day attorneys in the Washington office obtained a grant of asylum for a young woman from Guinea. Our client had been the subject of forced female genital mutilation, rape and a forced marriage. She fled Guinea on her wedding day and eventually fled to the United States. While in the United States, she attended a local university on a student visa and earned high marks. She met and married a young man and they have a daughter together. Her student visa expired upon her graduation and her only option was to seek asylum so that she would not have to return, with her daughter to her family in Guinea. She feared her daughter would suffer a similar fate were they to return to Guinea and she also feared that her family would punish her for fleeing from her wedding and family years ago. Julie McEvoy supervised Hugh Hollman and Danielle Hohos in the filing of the application, the legal brief accompanying the application and the interview with the Immigration Officer.