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Jones Day secures dismissals in two eviction proceedings

Clients Primus, Wanda

Stephen DeGenaro and David Torborg successfully defended their client in two eviction cases brought by the District of Columbia Housing Authority (DCHA). Back in November 2009, Wanda Primus' house caught fire in the middle of the night, and she and her family were forced to move to a new residence. DCHA waited seven years to bring eviction proceedings against Ms. Primus for her alleged failure to pay damages caused by the fire that she did not start. Shortly after filing that lawsuit, DCHA brought a second eviction action against Ms. Primus for failure to file recertification papers.

Jones Day first assisted the client with completing her recertification packet, and convinced DCHA to accept the application and dismiss the second lawsuit. Jones Day then persuaded DCHA that its first lawsuit was barred by the statute of limitations, and was able to secure a dismissal with prejudice to any subsequent attempts by DCHA to attempt to collect damages from the client based on the 2009 fire.

2016 LTB 029994 and 2017 LTB 002037