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Strong suppression motion results in prosecution's decision to drop highjacking charge

Client(s) Mayes, Reymond

Locked up since May 2011, Mr. Mayes walked out of Cook County jail nearly a year later after he agreed to plead guilty to possession of a stolen motor vehicle, receiving a sentence of felony probation. In exchange for his guilty plea, prosecutors agreed to drop the more serious charge of aggravated vehicular hijacking, which if convicted of, would have exposed him to a lengthy prison sentence.

James, Laura and Tom heavily investigated and litigated Mr. Mayes' case, including drafting and filing a motion to suppress a highly questionable identification procedure used by police as well as preparing for trial. Rather than litigate the motion to suppress and potentially lose their key witness, prosecutors agreed to drop the hijacking charge. Now a free man, Mr. Mayes plans to return to college.

The People of the State of Illinois vs. Reymond Mayes, Case No. 11-CR-9556