Failure to Refute Challenges to Real Parties-in-Interest Terminates 3 IPR Proceedings, PTAB Litigation Blog

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In prior blog posts, we have commented on PTAB decisions terminating IPR proceedings due to the Petitioner’s failure to identify all real parties-in-interest. See blog posts on Sanction For Failing to Update Real Party In Interest and More On Real Party In Interest. On February 26 and 27 of 2018, the PTAB again terminated three IPR proceedings because of the Petitioner’s failure to refute challenges to its identification of all real parties-in-interest. IML SLU v. WAG Acquisition, LLC, Nos. IPR2016-01656, Paper No. 42 (P.T.A.B. Feb. 26, 2018); IML SLU v. WAG Acquisition, LLC IPR2016-01658, IPR2017-01179, Paper No. 42 (P.T.A.B.).

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