Motion to Dismiss in District Court Case Held Premature While Appeal of PTAB Decision to Federal Circuit for Similar Technology is Pending, PTAB Litigation Blog

In Synchronoss Technologies, Inc. v. Hyperlync Technologies, Inc., 3-15-cv-02845 (NJD March 7, 2016, Order) (Cooper, J.), the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey denied, without prejudice, Hyperlync’s motion to dismiss on 35 USC § 101 grounds.

The three patents at issue respectively related to (i) synchronization of data between different systems with each system having a separate synchronization engine, (ii) acquisition and synchronization of digital media to a personal information space, and (iii) interfaces to allow a wireless telephone to establish a back-up service account, schedule a backup, and restore backup information. Hyperlync argued that the patents at issue were abstract ideas that were not transformed into inventive concepts while Synchronoss argued that the patents provided various technical advantages regarding speed, bandwidth consumption, connectivity, and data formats.

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