Weathering the Storm: Insurance for Severe Weather Events, Insurance Policyholder Advocate

The recent outbreak of storms from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast resulting in a series of epic tornados serves as a reminder of how severe weather can disrupt lives and businesses.  The damage that can be caused by tornados, megastorms and other severe weather events is widespread and devastating, including death and bodily injuries, property damage, the loss of necessary utility and telecommunication infrastructures, the loss of business, the inability of employees to get to and from work, and long-term business interruption.  Every year, billions of dollars in losses are suffered as a result of these natural disasters.  As the arduous process of recovery begins, businesses and individuals should remember to look to their insurance companies for coverage of the losses suffered.  Although the language of a particular policy will determine the extent to which insurance covers the losses suffered, a brief summary of some steps that may assist a policyholder in obtaining maximum coverage is discussed below.