Business Restructuring Review

In this issue:

  • European Perspective: Spanish Parliament Approves Law Amending the 2003 Insolvency Act
  • Newsworthy
  • WaMu Confirmation Denied: Interest Rates, Equitable Disallowance, and Insider Trading
  • Is Chapter 9 the Next Chapter in the Municipal Saga?
  • "Universal Rule": Trademark Licenses Not Assignable in Bankruptcy Absent Express Authorization
  • Another Blow to Triangular Setoff in Bankruptcy: "Synthetic Mutuality" No Substitute for the Real Thing
  • Second Circuit Settles the Meaning of Settlement Payments Under Section 546(e) of the Bankruptcy Code
  • First Impressions: Prepetition Severance Pay Entitled to Priority Under Section 507(a)(4)
  • The U.S. Federal Judiciary
  • Revised Bankruptcy Rule 2019 Effective