Business Restructuring Review

In this issue:

  • Taking the Gift Back: Second Circuit Alters Future Plan Negotiations by Striking Down the Use of Gifting Through a Chapter 11 Plan
  • Newsworthy
  • The U.K. Pensions Regulator–Will Its Powers Be Limited?
  • Calling All PRPs With Contribution Claims: Pay Up, or Steer Clear of Bankruptcy Court
  • In re Washington Mutual, Inc.: Delaware Bankruptcy Court Limits Debtors’ Release of Third Parties
  • In Brief: District Court Affirms Lehman Brothers Safe-Harbor Setoff Ruling
  • Rumors of the Demise of Creditor Derivative Suits on Behalf of LLCs Not an Exaggeration
  • From the Top: Recent U.S. Supreme Court Ruling
  • The U.S. Federal Judiciary