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More than 200 Jones Day lawyers work in the heart of London's financial centre. Our strengths in London reflect the Firm's rich heritage in, and vast experience of, cross-border disputes and transactions. We advise Firm clients all over the world on their multijurisdictional deals and cases which rely on English law for their documentation and resolution.

We demand teamwork across offices and practices and between lawyers, and deliver award winning client service across the globe.

For lawyers coming to Jones Day, this means an exciting career, working without rivalry or competition, alongside more than 2,400 lawyers in 40 offices and 18 different jurisdictions. New lawyers have the opportunity to be involved in demanding and complex matters, advising multinational clients encountering globalized challenges.

Watch this video to go behind the scenes with some of our trainees and find out more about the office atmosphere.

Training in London

It doesn't matter to us whether you are a graduate, postgraduate, or coming from a different career, which University you went to, or whether you read law or not at University. We seek the best and recruit to retain.

Academic achievements are important: we expect at least a 2:1 University degree. But we are equally as interested in the person you are and the lawyer you can become.

We want our trainees to have understood and enjoy our distinctive, non-rotational training system, the global nature of our work and our culture.

We treat you as part of the Firm from the moment you accept a Training Contract offer with us and will stay in touch and support you through Law School until you arrive at the office on your first day as a trainee.

A word from Emily Stew, Partner in our Financial Markets practice & Graduate Recruitment Partner

E Stew

I am often asked why I chose this Firm for my training over 13 years ago and why I have stayed throughout my professional career. Without doubt what first attracted me was the flexibility of the non-rotational training system. Back then, I had no idea what area of law I wanted to specialize in, so a training contract which gave me the flexibility to work across departments on several matters at the same time and see them through to the end was a fantastic opportunity.

Once here, I found that the non-rotational training system creates a great atmosphere in the office. If partners and associates rely on trainees “walking the floors” to hand out work, they keep their doors open, value trainees’ contributions and personally invest in them. As a result, you feel the atmosphere is collegiate – the training system would not work if it were not.

The office has also always had, and continues to be involved in, high quality, challenging work. Since my first day as a trainee, I’ve felt privileged to work on complex transactions for global clients across multiple jurisdictions.

The practice of law is a profession, not just a business, and Jones Day is a legal institution which places client service ahead of anything else; but it is still a meritocracy where people are rewarded well if they work hard and pull together to improve the overall performance of the Firm worldwide.


Emily Stew, Hiring Partner.

Rose Taylor, Manager, Graduate Recruitment & Development. Submit Applications online. We do not accept applications sent via email.

Tina Banwell, Office Administrator, Experienced Lawyers. Submit applications using SelfApply. We do not accept applications sent via email.

Keran Hampson, Administrative Services Manager, Staff and Legal Support. Submit CV and cover letter via email. 

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We do things a little differently here, and it really works for us. The non-rotational training contract is integral to our culture and success and the benefits are felt at every level.

How It’s Different

Unlike traditional training contracts, Jones Day trainees are not assigned to ‘seats’. Instead they have the freedom to seek work across practices with any partner or team throughout their two years of training.  In the absence of a rigid seat system, trainees have heightened responsibility to mould their experience and manage their time. Our trainees are quickly integrated into various teams across the Firm and gain unparalleled exposure to different areas of law.

Sharing an office with a fellow trainee is a great base to begin this journey. We believe the right mix of responsibility and support leaves our trainees with a valuable grounding to excel in their legal career.

Many of our partners trained here too, so they understand what it takes to make our system work. As a trainee, you’ll find them easy to approach and eager to work with you.

"The Non-Rotational Training system has developed my communication and organisation skills tenfold, and I am confident it has made me into a more mature, experienced and well-rounded lawyer.”

Why It’s Different

Jones Day trainees can influence their own mix of work, experience real responsibility and truly accelerate their development.

You will:

  • See deals and cases from beginning to end. You will never have to drop an interesting case or deal to move on to another department.
  • Develop strong client bonds, working closely with clients from the offset.
  • Receive well- rounded training, assisting with all aspects of a transaction. There are no set ‘trainee’ tasks to hold you back.
  • Hone your technical skills as a lawyer, learning different styles and techniques from many lawyers. Enjoy a seamless transition through to qualification so that your first day as a qualified lawyer feels like your last as a trainee.

You won't:

  • Worry about the lottery of seat allocation.
  • Do six months' intensive training in a practice you've decided is not for you.
  • "Belong" to one partner or supervisor.
  • Drop an interesting case/deal to move onto another seat.

Take it from one of our current trainees..

“I have really enjoyed my training contract so far, although it has certainly been a rigorous and challenging experience. I think this is the case for all training contracts at top City firms, but at Jones Day this is even more so the case because we are responsible for directing our own workload. Yet this challenge has also been what I have enjoyed most about training at Jones Day – we are given the responsibility and also the freedom to seek out work in our areas of interest, which means I have not been assigned to a ‘seat’ I don’t enjoy for six months. It has enabled me to sample a wide breadth of work in a range of areas I would not have experienced working at another Firm. It has developed my communication and organisation skills tenfold, and I am confident it has made me into a more mature, experienced and well-rounded lawyer.”  Second-year trainee, London


A Vacation Scheme is your opportunity to spend some serious time interviewing us; and our opportunity to get to know you. Our placements in the Winter, Spring and Summer vacations replicate our Training Contract as much as possible and have an emphasis on the authentic trainee experience. The experience is challenging, but gives you a real insight into life at our Firm. 

We recruit nearly all our trainees from our Vacation Schemes. If you enjoy your time with us, and we see your potential, it's the way to secure a Training Contract and your future at Jones Day.

What to Expect on a Scheme


We want to get a full picture of your potential as a future lawyer and therefore review feedback from all aspects of your scheme. We give you the opportunity to show a variety of skills we are looking for. Throw yourself into the experience and try not to focus on the assessment process too much!

Real work

Research, drafting, preparing documents, attending client meetings and conference calls, visiting court - not just a series of workshops and seminars.


Flexibility to try out work from any practice area. We encourage you to experience a real mix to help you discover where your strengths and interests lie.


Our lawyers are always available to share their knowledge, expertise and advice to the next generation . Use this experience to find out what it’s really like to work at our Firm and be a City Solicitor.


A trainee mentor to answer your questions, offer advice and guidance, and help you settle in.


Several opportunities to come to know people in the Firm on a social level as we organise lunches, dinners and ice breaker activities.


Opportunities to meet with lawyers and the Graduate Recruitment team throughout your scheme to reflect and discuss ways to make the most of your time. We are always on hand to help. 


Scheme Dates

Winter:  5 - 16 December 2022 (Deadline 30 October 2022)

Spring:  20 - 31 March 2023 (Deadline 8 January 2023)

Summer:  26 June - 7 July 2023 (Deadline 8 January 2023)

“I found the vacation scheme at Jones Day to be invaluable in giving me a taste of not only real work, but a realistic idea of what life as a trainee at Jones Day is like. Given the non-rotational structure of the training contract, it is an essential experience to see if the rather unique structure works for you. I was given tasks that contributed to live, ongoing work at the Firm which made me feel immediately involved and showed me that they truly value the input of those on the vacation scheme. This approach mirrors how trainees are treated; our work contribution matters and feeds directly to the client. It’s a great feeling as a junior lawyer!”  First-year Trainee, London

It is important to us that every trainee feels supported and encouraged to fulfill their potential. We recognize that the freedom our training system affords works best within a supportive and collaborative environment. Support is provided in a variety of ways:

On-the-Job Training
Learning by actually doing the work is the best form of training. We expect our trainees to seek out feedback from all senior associates and partners with whom they have worked. 

Each trainee has a dedicated partner and trainee mentor. The partner's role is to provide support on a professional and pastoral level and help with making connections around the Firm. The second year trainee is on hand to help with settling in and getting to grips with the new environment.

Seminars & Courses
Our Continuum training programme consists of regular "how-to" seminars delivered by senior lawyers from the different practice areas which help build a trainee's technical "toolset".  Trainees also complete the Professional Skills Course fast-tracked at the commencement of the training contract, delivered at BPP law school in a Jones Day exclusive class. Complementary training sessions include specific courses on company accounts, resilience training and presentation skills.

New Lawyer Academy in Washington
The induction week in London is supplemented by a week-long trip to Washington D.C. to attend the New Lawyer Academy. New lawyers assemble from our offices around the world to meet and network with each other and learn what it means to be One Firm Worldwide. Our Firm leaders, partners and associates talk to the new lawyers about Jones Day's culture, history, organisation and achievements and lead substantive and interactive training sessions. Every year our new lawyers take away from the Academy a sense of great pride and excitement about being part of the Firm.

To ensure trainees have the full experience of each practice area of interest, checklists containing key technical and practice skills related to each area must be completed. Each checklist must be signed off by an assigned partner once satisfied and trainees must complete at least three checklists, one of which must include contentious practice skills. Checklist progress is monitored regularly to give trainees the opportunity to reflect.

We conduct formal appraisals every six months during the training contract. Our appraisal process is competency-based and focuses on the Practice Skills Standards identified by the Solicitors Regulation Authority as well as personal effectiveness.


Hear what our trainees have to say about our Support Programme and the collaborative culture.


Rewards & Benefits

Trainee Rewards reflect the importance Jones Day attaches to the trainee role as well as the trainees' contribution to the Firm's business. Current salary rates and benefits (for indicative purposes and subject to changes or increases in line with the Firm's annual salary review policy) are shown below.

Trainee Salaries

Start at £54,000

After 12 months: £61,000

On qualification: £140,000


Include five weeks' holiday a year, private healthcare, season ticket loan, group personal pension plan, salary sacrifice schemes and life assurance.        


SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Examination)

We have appointed The University of Law (ULaw) as our preferred law school partner for the Law Conversion Course (PGDL) and the LLM Legal Practice (encompassing SQE 1 & 2). We believe this partnership offers our future trainees the best possible preparation for the workplace.  

Studied a non-law degree? The Post Gradate Diploma in Law (PGDL) will equip you with the foundation legal knowledge and skills to take on the SQE. You will complete a 9 month course from September to May and we will cover your course fees plus a £12,500 maintenance grant.
If you have completed a law degree in an international jurisdiction that is not recognised as a qualifying law degree by the Solicitors Regulation Authority you, too, will need to complete the PGDL. This will include those studying law in Scotland and Ireland who have not studied English Land Law during their degree.

LLM Legal Practice (SQE 1&2) 
The LLM is a professionally focused course that will prepare you for the centralised SQE 1 & 2 assessments as well as developing the knowledge and skills you’ll require for a career as a solicitor. From August to April this rigorous course will prepare you to take on the SQE assessments with confidence. SQE 1 will focus on foundation subjects and black letter law and SQE 2 will accelerate a combination of both the written and oral skills required to perform as a lawyer at the highest level. Through a blended learning approach, you will benefit from the ideal learning experience through online, face to face and individual coaching and feedback.

SQE Plus
An additional offering for Jones Day trainees, the SQE Plus programme is designed to equip you with the technical excellence, commerciality and preparedness as you head into your training contract at Jones Day. 

All course fees are paid and a yearly maintenance grant of £17,000 is provided.


An application for a 2022/2023 Vacation Scheme is also an application for a Training Contract commencing September 2025 – as we expect to recruit all of our trainees from our pool of scheme candidates. We do not offer a direct training contract application route. This is because we believe it is essential for candidates to understand and experience our distinctive training contract structure.

Any final year students, graduates, postgraduates and career changers from law or non-law backgrounds can apply for any scheme. Penultimate year students of qualifying law degrees can also apply for any scheme.

You need a 2.1 degree (gained or predicted). We do not have minimum school grade requirements. We have integrated Rare's contextual recruitment system into our recruitment process to better understand an applicant’s potential in the context in which their experiences have been gained (including in the context of their school's average student attainment) in order to hire from the widest talent possible. There is also opportunity to tell us any mitigating circumstances on the application form that have led to lower than expected performance.

Other students including first years: please meet us at one of our events, enjoy your early years at University, and apply when eligible.

Applications open on 1 October.

We recruit on a rolling basis so please be aware of our application windows and apply as soon as possible after applications open to avoid disappointment.

When applying, you can list your first and second choice of scheme. If a scheme if full, you will automatically be considered for a place on a later scheme.


Watch this video for our top recruitment tips


Stage 1 - Register and apply

You must register through our web page to apply for any position within Jones Day.

Before you start your application, we will ask you some questions to ensure (a) you are eligible to apply for our Vacation Schemes and Training Contract and (b) we can assess your application accurately and fairly in the context of your educational and personal circumstances.

After the pre-screen stage, we will ask you to register your personal details, complete the online application form, and include a cover letter and referee details.

There is a section on the application for you to include details of any mitigating circumstances which you would like to disclose. There is also the opportunity to request adjustments to the recruitment process to allow you to perform at your best. These adjustments could include: additional time at interview or access arrangements if attending the office in person. If you would prefer to discuss your circumstances with a member of the Graduate Recruitment team, contact details can be found on the application form.

Stage 2 - Application reviewed by Graduate Recruitment Manager

Once you submit your application, we will acknowledge its receipt immediately by e-mail. Your application will then be screened and a decision will be made about whether to invite you to interview.

Stage 3 - Academic reference requested

We will probably request an academic reference to help us to make a decision as to whether to invite you to interview. We ask that referees respond within 10 days and it helps if you ensure your referee is available.

Stage 4 - Interview

If successful, you will be invited to an interview with two senior lawyers, which will take place online between October and March. All interviews, whether in-person or online, are an opportunity for you to express your genuine interest in a legal career, why you believe Jones Day is the firm for you and more generally your interests and motivations. Our interviewers are keen to hear all about you. You will also have the opportunity to have a chat with a trainee beforehand. We do not give assessment exercises or written tests to any of our candidates.

Stage 5 - Placement Scheme offer

If successful at interview, you will be invited to join one of our Vacation Schemes which will form the assessment for a Training Contract position. Of course, your approach to our work tasks is an important part of the assessment, but we will also be assessing your general effectiveness on the scheme, from communicating with our lawyers to working with the other scheme candidates. We ultimately want to see whether you would be suited to our distinctive training system.

Stage 6 - Training Contract offer

Candidates from each scheme will be selected for a Training Contract offer. We have to make some difficult decisions as the standard on all of our schemes is very high and we recruit in small numbers. Regardless of the outcome, our scheme will provide you with a unique insight into life at a global law firm which will enhance your CV.

Jones Day is a truly global Firm, with a distinctive non-rotational training contract and a formidable reputation in disputes and transactions… but what is it actually like working here?

We understand how difficult it can be to really understand the role of a corporate lawyer and whether it might be the career for you. 

This programme will allow you to step into the shoes of a Jones Day, London trainee and try your hand at realistic work, all through the lens of our non-rotational training contract. You’ll work through a transaction which is typical for our London lawyers - a dynamic, international client, buying a joint venture. You will be able to appreciate the interconnectivity of our practices and level of responsibility our trainees are afforded, picking up crucial legal skills along the way including legal drafting and commercial awareness.

So what’s in it for you?

  • You’ll discover if Jones Day is a good fit for you.
  • You’ll learn essential legal skills for free, completely at your own pace.
  • You’ll receive a certificate of completion from Jones Day and experience to enhance future applications


Hear from Hannah Rose, Private Equity Partner and member of the Recruitment Panel in London:


Forage logo

Our events are open to all, whatever your year of study or graduation and whether you are from a law or non-law background. We recruit from a wide pool of students, graduates, postgraduates and career changers. It’s never too late or too early if you are serious about a career in a global law firm.

Details of the events we have booked for the academic year 2022-23 will be listed below and regularly updated over the Autumn Term. They will also be advertised on our Facebook page and with the relevant University careers department so follow us on Facebook and sign up with your University Careers service to be sure you don't miss out. 

We also organise many of our events directly with University student law societies. Sign up with your University Law Society President to stay up to date.

This page will continue to be updated as events are confirmed. Please return to discover more.



Jones Day Open Evenings 

Join us at the Jones Day London Office for an evening of interactive Q&A and networking. Meet trainees, associates, and partners and have your questions answered. Learn about work of the Firm, our global presence, and strengths in London—including our distinctive non-rotational training system.

Network with our lawyers and graduate recruitment team over refreshments. Open to all—any degree discipline and year of study.

Each event will take place from 6.00pm - 8.30pm. Register your place using the relevant links now.

Thursday 29th September 2022  

Tuesday 4th October 2022













We will be hosting an online version of our Open Evening which will consist of an interactive Q&A with a panel of our lawyers. Have your questions answered, or simply listen in to find out more.

Register using the link below to receive the joining details.

Tuesday 11th October 6.00pm - 7.00pm


University of Law National Law Fair

Tuesday 6th September 2022

14:00 – 17:00

Ulaw London Moorgate Campus. 2 Bunhill Row, EC1Y 8HQ

Register via University Careers Service or Website


Bright Network FESTIVAL
Wednesday 7th September 2022
11:00 – 16:30

QEII Centre, Broad Sanctuary, London, SW1P 3EE

Register via Bright Network


UCL Law Society - Introduction to Commercial Law Panel

Monday 10th October 2022

18:00 - 20:00

Law Faculty, UCL Campus

Register via UCL Law Society


Cambridge University Careers Service - How to Demonstrate Commercial Awareness with Jones Day

Wednesday 12th October 2022

15:00 - 16:00

Register via Handshake


Foragers exclusive webinar - Application tips with Graduate Recruitment

Thursday 13th October 2022

13:00 - 14:00


AllAboutLaw Virtual Law Fair

How to demonstrate commercial awareness, Associate led Presentation

Networking Expo, meet Graduate Recruitment and Trainees

Benefits of a non-rotational training system, Trainee led Group Q&A
Monday 17th - Thursday 20th October 2022
Book your place via AllAboutLaw


City University Careers Service - Employability Skills Programme

Commercial awareness: Why is it important and how can you develop it? With Jones Day

Tuesday 25th October 2022

13:00 - 14:00

Register via City University Careers Service


British Inter-University Commercial Awareness Competition (BIUCAC)

Virtual Law Fair

Wednesday 26th October 2022

15:00 – 17:00

Book your place via BIUCAC


LSE Law Society - Meet the Vac Schemers Panel 

Wednesday 26th October 2022

17:00 - 19:00

Register via LSE Law Society


AllAboutLaw Panel Discussion - Life at a US Firm

Wednesday 26th October 2022

17:00 - 18:00

Register via AllAboutLaw


AllAboutLaw First Year Fair - Trainee tips: becoming commercially aware

Wednesday 2nd November 2022

15:00 - 16:00

Register via AllAboutLaw


AllAboutLaw Panel Discussion - Real Estate Revolution

Wednesday 16th November 2022

17:00 - 18:00

Register via AllAboutLaw


University of York Law Society - Commercial Law Panel

Thursday 17th November 2022

Register via York Law Society


University of West London Law Fair

Thursday 24th November 2022

12:00 - 14:00

Register via UWL Careers Service


University of Sheffield Edward Bramley Law Society - Careers Dinner

Friday 25th November 2022

Register via Edward Bramley Law Society


LawCareers.Net LIVE Virtual

How to solve a Global Dispute, Associate led workshop

Life as a Trainee, panel

Tuesday 6th & Wednesday 7th December 2022

Apply via LawCareers.Net before 27th October 2022

At Jones Day, diversity is not only enthusiastically endorsed, but diligently pursued. Diversity makes us better and helps us deliver the service our clients expect. By mentoring and promoting individuals irrespective of background, we leverage the distinct strength and experiences of an exceptionally talented group of lawyers, while enhancing the atmosphere of our Firm.

Jones Day's demonstrated commitment to diversity does not stop with recruitment. We are committed to making meaningful progress on diversity in the legal profession; to increasing diversity within the Firm; and to recruiting, retaining, and promoting the best talent, from all backgrounds.

We are proud of our accomplishments and we remain unwaveringly optimistic about the Firm because of our people, who allow us to tap the true potential of our global organisation.

In London

Affinity groups supporting Women, LGBTQ+ and BAME bring together employees with shared experiences or backgrounds to provide support, training, and networking opportunities. 

Rare’s contextual recruitment system (CRS), integrated into our recruitment of graduate trainees, helps us better identify candidates with true potential regardless of circumstance. 

Our Aspiring Professionals Programme works directly with state schools in under privileged neighbourhoods and with charities such as the Social Mobility Foundation to help students from under-represented and low-income backgrounds who want professional careers gain access to leading universities and enter careers in global professional businesses like Jones Day.

Learn more at Jones Day's dedicated Diversity page.


Jones Day is proud of its long tradition of pro bono work.  The mission of the Jones Day Foundation is to:

  • Promote the rule of law everywhere
  • Support academic, medical, and cultural institutions with which we share a history, values, and commitments
  • Improve living conditions & economic opportunities for people in impoverished settings (particularly children & women)
  • Provide support & comfort to people who are victims of natural & other disasters


In London, our active pro bono practice enables lawyers to use their legal skills to help individuals and non-profit organisations both in the UK and internationally.

Some of our key projects include:

Amicus and Reprieve: providing legal support to advocates whose clients are on death row in various parts of the world.

LawWorks: providing advice to UK clients on wide ranging matters such as dispute resolution, corporate restructuring and real estate.

Waterloo Legal Advice Centre: a long standing relationship in which we voluntarily provide financial, administrative and organisational support, on a weekly basis. Every week, our volunteers advise individuals living in the local areas, who cannot afford to pay for legal counsel and do not qualify for Legal Aid, on their everyday legal problems. We also regularly advise non-profit institutions.

The Jones Day Refugee Project: ensures that the most vulnerable in our societies have access to justice and remain protected by international legal principles. Our lawyers work in Europe together with the non-governmental organization HIAS., most recently at the Moria Camp in Lesvos, Greece, to provide free legal aid to several thousands of refugees who have fled war torn countries and endured terrible hardship and personal tragedy. In March 2017, Jones Day established a full-time presence near Laredo, Texas, aiming to provide representation to women with claims for immigration relief in the Laredo detention facility. Jones Day’s presence in Laredo has radically expanded the access of detainees to legal assistance.

The Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law: a collaboration which creates a programme of international events and researchto promote and enhance the rule of law worldwide.

African Prisons Project: built a children's library and youth centre in Lang'ata Women's Prison in Kenya.



Visit the Pro Bono section of our main website to learn more about the worldwide Firm’s pro bono philosophy and global community involvement.

Q. How many people do you recruit as trainees each year?
A. Approximately 15 each September.

Q. Am I at a disadvantage if I am studying a non-law degree?
A. No. Approximately 60% of our trainee intakes year on year have studied a non-law degree. Often, these candidates can bring a different perspective and interesting skills which can be applied to legal work. Just make sure you can give genuine reasons as to why you want a career in law.
Q. What proportion of your annual trainee intake were graduates, postgraduates, or career changers when they applied for the position? 
A. Approximately 30%. We review every application on its own merit and recognize valuable experience and academics at any stage.
Q. How does the Qualification process work?
A. Throughout the training contract and particularly in the second year, trainees begin the process by discussing their areas of interest with the Training Principal, who, alongside the Graduate Recruitment team, will support each trainee through the process. We endeavour to retain as many trainees as we possibly can each year and work closely with our practice area leaders. 
Q. Do you offer opportunities for first year degree students?
A. Please come and meet us at one of our Events/Open Days at your University, our London office or virtually. We do not offer work placement opportunities or insight days to students in their early years at University.
Q. What does 'recruit on a rolling basis' mean?
A. We process applications as they arrive, so the earlier you apply the earlier you would be invited to interview if successful. Because we recruit on a rolling basis, we can fill our places for some schemes before we have been able to consider all applications. This means that we begin to screen applications and start inviting candidates to interview as soon as our application window opens. If your first choice of scheme is full, you will automatically be considered for your second choice of scheme. Candidates are assessed for training contract positions during the vacation scheme and we make training contract offers in the weeks following each of our schemes (so if you attend a winter scheme, you don’t have to wait until the following summer to find out if you are successful). We offer around 15 training contracts per year and as the offers are made following each scheme and by nature of the rolling basis, we have the majority of vacancies available at the earliest point in the cycle (winter). What does this mean practically for you? Apply early. Do not wait for the final application deadline. We will stop processing applications once all our schemes are full, so the many applications received on the closing deadline may potentially be too late. 

Q. Are there any Placement Scheme opportunities in your overseas offices?
A. Not at present. If you are interested in opportunities abroad please contact/visit the website of the relevant overseas office.
Q. What qualities, achievements and traits do successful candidates display?
A. As leaders in cross-border M&A and global disputes, we look for extraordinary individuals who are committed to a legal career; want to be challenged on an international platform; and can become part of our future - not just qualify with us. Half our London partners trained with the Firm. Successful candidates have obtained or are predicted a 2.1 degree in any discipline; have strong intellectual and analytical ability; good communication skills; and can demonstrate resourcefulness, drive, dedication and the ability to be a team player.

Q. What if I haven't done very well in my exams?
A. Our minimum academic criteria for degree results is a 2.1 (or equivalent) predicted or gained. We do not have minimum grade boundaries for A-levels, GCSEs or equivalent, and prefer to review applications as a whole and in the context of each candidates circumstances. There is a section on the application form to explain any mitigating circumstances which have led to lower than expected performance.

Q. What format does the interview take?
A. The interview to attend one of our Vacation Schemes will be online with two senior lawyers and will last approximately 40 minutes. The interviewers will be assessing candidates against the competencies that are essential to be a successful trainee solicitor at Jones Day. Before the interview, all candidates have the chance to chat with a trainee who can answer any questions the candidate may have about life at Jones Day. If successful at interview, candidates are invited to join one of our Vacation Schemes on which you are guaranteed to be considered for a Training Contract.


Q. How should I prepare for an online interview?

A. The interview format is designed to get the best from our candidates regardless of whether they are online or in person.  Our interviewers are well versed in ensuring that candidates have a positive interview experience.  To make the most of the online interview format, we have put together the attached guide containing useful hints and tips that candidates should consider before joining an online interview.

Vacation Scheme Interviews Hints & Tips


Q. What is the process for international candidates?

A: As with all applicants, international students will be assessed on merit, although clearly eligibility to work in the UK will need to be considered in the later stages of the selection process. The firm does not have a blanket policy of refusing applications from those requiring work permits and has a Skilled Worker sponsorship license, for a very limited number of candidates. International students on a student visa (Tier 4) are eligible to attend our vacation schemes outside of term-time. From Summer 2021, Tier 4 visas can also be extended on the Graduate Route, allowing a further 2-years to live and work in the UK after graduation. This is an extremely complex area and you are encouraged to seek further information about work permits and your entitlement to undertake a placement scheme from your University Careers Service and the UK Visas and Immigration website.
Q. Can I re-apply if I have previously been unsuccessful?
A: It is not our policy to reassess candidates who have previously interviewed or attended a Vacation Scheme with us and been unsuccessful in their application. Whilst we do not preclude candidates from re-applying if they have not previously interviewed with us, since our criteria for selecting candidates to attend our Vacation Schemes remain the same year on year, if you have been unsuccessful one year, it would be unlikely that you would be successful a following year unless your profile has improved considerably since your last application. If so, and you would like to reapply, you should highlight why your profile has changed in any new application and covering letter. 

Q. Do you offer your trainees overseas placements or the chance to work abroad?
A. Lawyers in our London office work with lawyers and clients all over the world so opportunities for travel (and placements/secondments) abroad will arise on specific transactions and/or to meet international clients and colleagues.

GDPR Notice and Privacy Policy 


June 2021

For purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation, as implemented in the United Kingdom (GDPR), we want you to be aware that when you apply to us, we hold personal data about you.  We also want to explain why we hold your personal data and to let you know whom you can contact if you have any questions.  The purpose of this Notice is to provide you with that information.  This Notice should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy.


Controller Identity: Jones Day London, an Ohio general partnership and firm of solicitors regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA number 223579), whose office is at 21 Tudor Street, London EC4Y 0DJ.

Types of Data and Purposes:  We hold personal data about you that you have provided to us or requested be provided to us as part of our recruitment process.  We will continue to hold this and other similar data as you progress through the application process.  This may include, inter alia, the following types of personal data: 

  • contact data (including name, university and home addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers);
  • citizenship, nationality and immigration data;
  • personal, educational and work history data (such as education history and professional qualifications, external work experience history, previous and current assignments and responsibilities).

Some of this personal data may be sensitive data.  We will process sensitive data where the processing is necessary for the purposes of our carrying out our recruitment process and for meeting our health and safety obligations to you.

RecipientsThe primary recipients of your personal data will be referees whom you have indicated we may contact, providers of our IT systems, the SRA and our professional regulators and/or recipients with whom we are required by applicable law or a court order to disclose your personal data.  Please see the detailed provision of our  Privacy Policy.

Legitimate InterestsWe hold the personal data you have provided to us for the legitimate interests of our graduate recruitment application process.  See details on "Recruiting" in our  Privacy Policy.

International transfers of data:  Your personal data is held by our IT systems in the UK, the EEA and in the United States.  We transfer personal data to the United States and to the EEA in accordance with the rules established by UK and EEA laws  for such transfers.  Please see the detailed provision of our  Privacy Policy.

Retention PeriodWe will keep your personal data until a decision has been made on your application.  We will continue to hold your personal data until applicable limitation periods have passed and in order to comply with retention obligations under applicable law.  Please see the detailed provision of ourPrivacy Policy.

Data Subject Rights You have a number of rights under the GDPR.  These rights (which are subject to conditions) include the right of data portability (for us to help you move your data to someone else at your request), the right to object to the processing of your personal data, the right to require us to update and correct your data, the right to require erasure of your data, the right to obtain a restriction on processing of your personal data, the right for you to review the personal data we hold and, where applicable, the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data.  You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the UK Information Commissioner.    Please see the detailed provision of our  Privacy Policy.

Other Statutory or Contractual Information:  In many instances, we will remove your personal data from our records at your request.  In some instances, we may need to keep this information to meet our legal obligations.  Should you wish us to remove your personal data from our records in circumstances where we need to retain it or are otherwise legally permitted to retain it, we will inform you and arrange to delete it as soon as these circumstances no longer apply.

Questions or concerns regarding this Notice should be directed to the London Office Administrative Partner using the address provided above or by email to privacy@jonesday.com.

Jones Day offers experienced lawyers a superior platform from which to develop their practices. Our global footprint attracts lawyers who seek a more cross-office, cross-practice, client-focused and team-oriented environment in which to practice. Our collaborative, global approach attracts lawyers searching for a more cross-office, cross-practice, client-focused, and team-oriented environment in which to practice.

Lawyers joining Jones Day have the opportunity to be part of a firm that has repeatedly earned high rankings for client service by the BTI Consulting Group, which bases its rankings on survey results from Fortune 1000 corporate counsel. We are proud of our unwavering commitment to client service, and expect all of our lawyers to share our dedication.

Depending on the specific needs of our offices and practices, we hire accomplished attorneys at various levels of experience. We always welcome inquiries from lawyers who share our commitment to providing outstanding client service.

Jones Day seeks to employ the most qualified people for every position in the Firm, continually delivering superior client service through professional excellence and teamwork. We offer competitive compensation and benefits in a stimulating work environment. When a position opens, it will appear, below, along with a link to an email to which you can attach your resume and a cover letter.

We do not accept unsolicited resumes from recruiters and are not responsible for fees from recruiters or other agencies except under specific written agreement with Jones Day. We also do not accept or retain resumes that do not relate to a specific, open position or resumes of individuals who do not meet the stated minimum qualifications for the position which has been posted.

Current Opportunities:

LONDON or PARIS Proposals Coordinator (Europe) - Business Development & Communications  (BDC)

Summary of Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 

The Proposals Coordinator is responsible for supporting the Firm’s strategic business development efforts through proposals to prospective and existing clients, as a core member of the Business Acquisition (BAU) team. The Coordinator will prepare business development proposals, with a primary focus on the European offices, but may support other global offices and proposals as needed. The Coordinator will prepare and coordinate responses for tenders, pitches, and responses to RFPs. This will include collating the Firm’s relevant experience and working with other Firm departments as needed to collect information to be used in pitch materials. The Coordinator reports to the Senior Proposals Manager, and Director and Associate Director of BD&C. The Coordinator is expected to perform all job duties with a commitment to providing superior service to clients, producing work product of the highest quality, and fostering an atmosphere of teamwork and continuous improvement. The Coordinator is responsible for collaboration with other BD&C colleagues both within the European offices and beyond. Above all, the Manager must fulfill the needs of the Firm in a manner that is consistent with its visions, values and policies and promote the brand messages of the Firm.

Required Qualifications: 

  • University-level degree.
  • Minimum of three (3) years professional experience, Law Firm experience preferred.
  • Ability to fluently speak, write and read English and French (with a preference for a native French speaker).
  • Project management experience preferred, including demonstrated experience leading complex projects involving the coordination of input, ideas, opinions, and content from multiple sources and stakeholders to achieve a high-quality end product.

Principals only - No search firms.

Please direct resumes/CVs to Craig Hardesty clevelandhr@jonesday.com