Lauren S.Moses

Of Counsel

墨尔本 + 61.3.9101.6866

Lauren Moses' in-depth experience managing commercial and strategic tax issues enables her to achieve successful outcomes for clients as they face the complexity and challenges of tax disputes. Lauren has represented taxpayers through the full life cycle of a tax dispute, and her prior experience in the Australian government and court system gives her a unique view of all the perspectives of a tax dispute in order to help clients resolve disputes as favorably and expeditiously as possible.

Lauren has represented clients in tax disputes involving a range of issues, including international tax and treaty issues, transfer pricing, corporate tax, capital gains tax, deductibility, general anti-avoidance rules, debt, superannuation, and payroll tax.

In addition, she has acted for private clients, family offices, and their privately held groups on tax-related issues involving trusts, succession planning, structuring, division of assets within family groups, and asset protection. She also has experience in charities and nonprofit law.