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Neil De Biase assists primary real estate players in civil law matters related to all stages of the investment, development, valorization, sale, and purchase of real estate properties and portfolios. He works with domestic and international clients in resolving due diligence concerns related to civil law matters as well as in the context of M&A and real estate finance projects.

Neil has in-depth experience drafting, negotiating, and assisting in the execution and completion phases of asset or shares sale and purchase agreements and contribution deeds into investment funds. He has handled framework agreements involving real estate assets under development and the sale and purchase of residential, commercial, and logistics centers, including senior housing, co-living, socio-health, and health care. Neil also works on agreements for property and business leases for multiple asset classes that include retail, hotel, offices, logistics, residential, and socio-health; sale and purchase of going concerns; and property and asset management agreements.