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 Jones Day Foundation Video
 Jones Day Foundation Video
 Jones Day Foundation Video
The Jones Day Foundation, established in 1987, is a nonprofit organization funded by Jones Day's lawyers and staff. The Foundation's mission is to financially support efforts that include promoting the rule of law in developing countries, fostering innovation in academics, medicine and the arts, improving the living conditions and economic opportunities for people in impoverished settings (particularly children and women), and providing support and comfort to people suffering from natural and other disasters around the world.

In the last several years, the Foundation has provided grants to the following organizations:
  • Hands Together: Provided funds for the construction of a state of the art soccer field in the slums of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
  • Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law: Donated funds to develop the Global Rule of Law Exchange in conjunction with the Bingham Centre to advance the rule of law around the world.
  • Peking University: Donated funds to establish the Peking University - Jones Day Institute for Globalization and Rule of Law to support the study of the impact of the rule of law on economic advancement.
  • One Fund Boston: Contributed funds to assist the victims and families affected by the Boston Marathon bombings.
  • New York Police Athletic League: Donated funds to rebuild several PAL youth centers following Superstorm Sandy.
  • Johns Hopkins University: Contributed funds to the Kimmel Cancer Center.
  • Holy Cross International, Inc.: Donated funds to establish a college campus for Holy Cross College in Agartala, India.
  • Peking University: Endowed the Jones Day Chair Professorship for Globalization and Rule of Law to support the University's efforts in recruiting and retaining world-class academicians.
  • National Center for Civil and Human Rights: Provided funding to sponsor the permanent exhibit, "What Are Human Rights," which opened in Atlanta in 2014.
  • The Fund for the Future of Children Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake: Contributed funds to assure that children who lost their parents in the East Japan earthquake may continue with their education.
  • Room to Read: Contributed funds to build libraries and publish thousands of copies of local language children's books.
  • Singapore Management University: Endowed the Jones Day Professorship of Commercial Law to facilitate increased focus on the development of commercial law in Singapore.
  • Hands Together, Inc.: Provided funding to help rebuild the St. Ann's campus in the Cité Soleil slums in Port-au-Prince Haiti.
  • Hope for a Healthier Humanity: Donated funds for a housing development and education program in an area severely damaged during Hurricane Mitch in Honduras.
  • Mentor Teacher Brother: Donated funding to reconstruct a facility in Chicago for youth housing and mentoring programs.
  • Lawyers Without Borders: Contributed funding to implement a lawyer-training program in Kenya that focuses on gender violence.
  • Wounded Warrior Project: Provided funding to assist severely injured service members.