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The Development of the Managing Partner System

Frank Ginn developed the Managing Partner concept that still is used at Jones Day. It was Ginn’s view that lawyers function best when able to focus on practicing law, rather than engaging in debates on such matters as Firm administration or allocation of income. He saw no benefit and significant costs in a system that tried to mechanically assign credit for client origination or other responsibilities of partners, so no such system ever developed at Jones Day. Universal recognition of Ginn’s dedication to the welfare of the Firm as a whole, and to the welfare of each partner, allowed the institutionalization of the Managing Partner system, through which the Managing Partner has authority to make all management decisions, including designating a successor. Since then, this governance system has never been the subject of any disagreement within the Firm. It is one of the critical components of an institutional management approach that has been an important element of the Firm’s success over the last century.