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The Global Institution

When Dick Pogue designated Pat McCartan to become Managing Partner on January 1, 1993, the choice was obvious. McCartan’s 32 years in the Firm had earned him the trust and respect of all of its partners. He had developed one of the most successful litigation and product liability practices in the country, and under his leadership, the Firm dramatically expanded its litigation platform from a regional to a national one and strategically honed its service offerings to market driven practices.

McCartan was one of those Supreme Court clerks that Jones Day has historically attracted, and he became one of the ablest trial lawyers in the country. He was one of the subjects of America's Top Trial Lawyers: Who They Are and Why They Win, a study by Donald E. Vinson of "consummate courtroom advocates whose reputations are associated with major cases that have had a significant impact on society as a whole." Called a "court room general" by The Wall Street Journal, McCartan became famous for out-organizing his opponents with intensive factual research performed by teams of Jones Day lawyers. He also continued the tradition of service outside the Firm, becoming Chairman of the Board of Trustees at his alma mater, the University of Notre Dame, among other activities.

McCartan came to the Managing Partner’s job as the United States was coming out of a recession, and the Firm had gone through a considerable period of expansion of offices. As a result, he made his initial focus the elimination of all bank debt (Jones Day has had no bank debt since 1995) and the complete integration of the then 24 Jones Day offices into what we now describe as One Firm Worldwide. But there was still work to be done on the expansion side, and in 1998, Jones Day opened an office in Sydney, Australia. This was followed by Shanghai in 1999, Madrid in 2000, and Singapore and Milan in 2001. Jones Day’s first Northern California office, in Silicon Valley, also opened in 2000. In 2001, the Firm opened its second Texas office, in Houston, and significantly enhanced its Tokyo presence by merging with the Showa Law Office.