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Tad Sano's practice focuses on regulatory compliance and encompasses a broad range of government regulations, product safety, installment sales regulations, foreign direct investment regulation, and competition law.

After graduating from Kyoto University, Tad served in the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (now the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) for 35 years.

During his tenure as Director-General of the Trade Policy Bureau and Vice Minister for International Affairs, Tad completed economic partnership agreements with Mexico and Singapore and was engaged in the Doha Round negotiations in the WTO and in the individual trade negotiations between the U.S., the EU, and China.

Tad originally joined Jones Day in 2006. In September 2009, he was appointed chief executive assistant to Prime Minister Hatoyama. In July 2010, after completing his assignment, he rejoined Jones Day. Tad represents various clients in civil disputes. He also counsels and advises on U.S. and Japanese national security-related control and regulations and on many plurilateral and bilateral trade negotiations. Tad provides commentary to the media including the Nikkei newspapers with regard to trade and legal issues, and he speaks on these issues at international conferences.


  • Provider of cloud computing services is advised on worldwide telecoms regulationsJones Day advises a cloud computing provider on compliance with the applicable telecoms regulations across several jurisdictions across the world.
  • Japanese multi-level marketing company complies with Japan's METI regulationsJones Day represented a Japanese multi-level marketing company in connection with administrative sanctions by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan (METI) due to allegedly unlawful solicitation by its members.
  • Japanese electrical equipment company contemplates trade regulations with respect to transaction with Indian companyJones Day advised an electrical equipment company with regard to the trade regulations related to a contemplated transaction with an Indian company involving semiconductor equipment.
  • Japanese engineering company reviews export control regulations related to MyanmarJones Day advised a Japanese engineering company with respect to the impact of U.S. sanctions against Myanmar on Japanese companies' business related to Myanmar.
  • Major Japanese electric utility undertakes countermeasures against foreign investor's attempt to increase stake in companyJones Day advised a major Japanese electric utility company in connection with a proposal submitted by a London-based hedge fund to the Japanese government to double its stake in the company.
  • Major Japanese transport machine manufacturer complies with trade regulations involving export to ChinaIn January 2006, the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry filed a criminal complaint against Jones Day's client, a Japanese transport machine company, for allegedly exporting unmanned helicopters to another country in violation of the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law which bans the unlicensed export of products that could be diverted to military use.
  • Lender acquires 13-hotel portfolioJones Day assisted a mezzanine lender with the acquisition of 13 hotel properties in Japan.
  • U.S. electric appliance manufacturer complies with Japanese product safety requirementsJones Day advised a U.S.-based electric appliance company after the result of a test by Japan's Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories (JET) indicated two products manufactured by the company did not meet the applicable standards of the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Act.
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      エコノミスト・カンファレンス:ジャパン・サミット2010 日本における世代シフト: 新たな時代のリーダーと変革のビジョン
    • December 2010
    • May 1, 2009
      Beyond US and China: Greening Megacities across Asia, Panelist, Scaling Up: From Green Buildings to Green Cities in the US and China
    • April 23, 2009
      Making Asia's Growth Sustainable: Energy and the Environment, Panelist, Asia Society 19th Asia Corporate Conference: Redefining Asia's Challenges and the New Role for Vietnam
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      World Financial Crisis and the Future of the Japanese Economy, Okinawa Economic Forum
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      Organized Seminar on Patents in Life Sciences, Jones Day Tokyo Office
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      Current Political and Economic Situation in Japan, Lunch Seminar at Jones Day London Office
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      Emerging Centres: What is necessary to become a global financial centre?, panelist, Chatham House- JFE Symposium : The Post-crisis Landscape for International Financial Centres - Sink or Swim?
    • December 8, 2008
      Future of East Asia – Building Trust for Shared Prosperity & Sustainable Development, Moderator, The 4th Asia Economic Summit
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      The Financial Mechanism which Created the Economic Crisis, Seminar at Deloitte Tomatsu Consulting
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      Development of the Global Economy and Local Economy, Risa Partners Seminar
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      Changing Laws and Regulations in China: Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance, Jones Day China Seminar
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      Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance: PL Risk in the Age of Globalization, Product Liability Committee of Japan Machinery Trade Center for Trade and Investment
    • May 28, 2008
      Sustainable Growth and the Environment, Panelist, Asia Society 18th Asia Corporate Conference: A New Era for Global Business - Sustainable Growth for China and the World
    • May 26, 2008
      Japanese Perspective on Economic Cooperation in Asia, 3rd Annual Shanghai Forum: Economic Transformation and International Order in Asia
    • April 22-24, 2008
      China Risk :Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance, Jones Day China Seminar
    • March 5, 2008
      Regional Integration in East Asia: A Japanese Perspective, Fudan University Roundtable
    • February 14, 2008
      Organized Amended Consumer Product Safety Law Seminar 2 at Jones Day Tokyo Office
    • October 17, 2007
      Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance, Toyota Motors Global Legal Meeting
    • October 17, 2007
      Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance, Toyota Motors Global Legal Meeting
    • August 1, 2007
      Organized Seminar on Emissions Trading at Jones Day Tokyo Office
    • June 15, 2007
      Organized Seminar on Security Export Control Policy at Jones Day Tokyo Office
    • May 16-18, 2007
      Enhancing Intra-Asian Partnership, panelist, Asia Society 17th Asia Corporate Conference: Coming Together; Moving Ahead: Asian Economies Lead through Integration and Innovation
    • April 26, 2007
      Organized Amended Merger Guidelines Seminar at Jones Day Tokyo Office
    • March 22, 2007
      Organized Amended Consumer Product Safety Law Seminar at Jones Day Tokyo Office
    • February 22, 2007
      Japan's Strategic Context, A Closer Japan-US Economic Relationship, Seminar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
    • January 2007
      Japan's Energy Policy, Shaping China's Energy Security Conference, Organized by Asia Centre in Beijing
    • November 2006
      Transformation of the Leadership Model in Japan, Opportunities & Implications for the Foreign/Multinational Companies at ACCJ CEO Breakfast, American Club
    • November 2006
      Issues toward EPA between Japan and the U.S., at Japan-US Businessmen's Conference at Imperial Hotel
    • July 2006
      Globalization through Information Technology, Academy Hills Ark City Seminar
    • May 2006
      Organized Seminar on Chinese Law with Nobutoshi Yamanouchi, Japan-China Economic Association in Tokyo & Kansai Economic Federation in Osaka
    • 15 décembre 2011
      G-20: What Role is to be played by France and Japan ?