IP Legal Intern

Washington + 1.202.879.3831

Simon Maxwell has an academic background in mathematics, molecular biology, and biotechnology regulation. He is a lead author of multiple peer-reviewed publications with topics spanning from the regulation of edible vaccines to the implications of artificial intelligence on the notion of mathematical verifiability.

Prior to joining Jones Day in 2022, Simon was the lead quality engineer at Curative Inc., a health care start-up operating high-complexity clinical laboratories that grew to perform nearly 10% of all SARS-CoV-2 testing in the United States during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this role, Simon authored over 200 standard operating procedures, devised validation protocols for dozens of types of laboratory robots and analytical instruments, and spearheaded several major automation rollouts. He also personally supervised the data analysis required for a $50 million Department of Defense contract proposal.

Simon has accumulated three years of experience as a biomedical researcher at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, where he conducted NMR-based structural studies of the FIV matrix protein, and at Brigham Young University, where he investigated the role of follicular dendritic cells as HIV reservoirs in the germinal center. Each of these involvements resulted in publications, including in the Journal of Molecular Biology.