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Government stipulates to grant of asylum for client from The Gambia

Client(s) NC

Between 2007 and 2009, client NC was repeatedly discriminated against and threatened by authorities of The Gambian government on account of her political beliefs and those of her family. These government-sanctioned actions were taken against client NC in retaliation for the activities of (i) her husband, who was a political activist when he lived in The Gambia and helped to organize the politically significant April 2000 student demonstrations and (ii) her father-in-law, who is a prominent member of the opposition United Democratic Party ("UDP") party, having acted as a Regional Coordinator since 1996. Additionally, client NC first suffered persecution at the age of 8, when she was forced to undergo the brutal practice of female genital mutilation ("FGM").

On the strength of client NC's filings, the government stipulated to a grant of asylum for client NC. At NC's individual merits hearing on April 28, 2014, Judge Joanna M. Bukszpan conditionally granted asylum, pending the outcome of client NC’s biometrics appointment.