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Why Jones Day?
As One Firm Worldwide®, Jones Day offers experienced lawyers a superior platform from which to develop their practices. Our global footprint and commitment to cross-practice and cross-office client engagement attracts lawyers who seek a firm that puts great emphasis on a collaborative and team-oriented environment to serve clients.

Lawyers joining Jones Day have the opportunity to be part of a firm that has repeatedly earned high rankings for client service by the BTI Consulting Group, which surveyed more than 350 top legal decision makers at large organizations with $700 million or more in revenue. We are proud of our unwavering commitment to client service, and expect all of our lawyers to share our dedication.

We continually evaluate the needs of our offices and practices and seek to enhance and strengthen our partner and associate ranks with lawyers who share our commitment to providing outstanding client service.

To inquire about an associate or other non-partner lawyer position, please prepare a cover letter and CV or resume and submit your documents using SelfApply. If there are no positions available in your preferred location, check back periodically to see if our hiring needs have changed. To inquire about a partner position, please email Kristina Lambright.

Please submit your application using SelfApply.

U.K. applicants only, please use this application site

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To ensure proper routing and evaluation, submit candidate background materials via email to lateralrecruiting@jonesday.com. For questions related to lateral hiring or to inquire about the status of a candidate, please email lateralrecruiting@jonesday.com.

Sharyl A. Reisman, Firmwide Hiring Partner
Shari Friedman, Firm Director of Recruiting
Kristina Lambright, Firm Associate Director of Lateral Recruiting
Stephanie Lunger, Firm Coordinator of Lateral Associate Recruiting

Successful associates at Jones Day share the Firm's commitment to high-quality service and dedication to clients, while pursuing the goal of building their own unique contribution to the Firm. The Firm is equally committed to providing the training, opportunity for professional development, and client responsibility, consistent with increasing levels of experience and competence, that enable our associates to become outstanding lawyers.

Jones Day has been, and will continue to be, a firm where a lawyer can make a career. Many of the Firm's leaders began here as new lawyers and trainees, and even as summer associates, and are testaments to the Firm's commitment to our associates and associate development. Up-from-the-ranks partners are the norm, not the exception, and the Firm invests considerable time and effort in both formal and informal training that empowers our associates to take on ever-increasing responsibilities and to advance in the Firm.

Providing exceptional client service is a hallmark of Jones Day. Billable hours, while often reflective of effort, are not the singular, or even most instructive, measure of an associate's contribution to providing that service. Associates are not expected to mark time or to show up on a weekend just to be visible. We expect our associates to be effective and efficient. When our lawyers determine how to spend their time, common sense, rather than a spirit of competition, prevails.

Our Managing Partner has emphasized that while we intend to keep our salaries competitive, we will not link salary to billable hour requirements. We believe that rewarding the mere accumulation of billable hours provides the wrong incentive, can result in unhealthy competition among lawyers, and can detract from client service.

We encourage all of our lawyers to find a successful balance between the demands of client service, community involvement, family, and personal interests. This balance is often vital to long-term success and enjoyment in the practice of law. The great diversity of our lawyers' backgrounds, interests, and talents reflects their success in building full lives while also engaging in one of the world's most challenging and stimulating legal practices.

Jones Day recognizes that changing firms or positions is an extremely difficult decision. Jones Day is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition. Integration and education about who we are, and how we successfully achieve the "One Firm Worldwide" approach, is part of lateral onboarding. Our collaborative culture allows laterals to experience a smooth and inclusive transition. New laterals are contacted by practice leaders and other lawyers across the Firm with offers of assistance and support and no questions will be asked about origination credit. Jones Day culture is the foundation of true and successful lateral integration. 


Michael McCauley discussed his experience as a new partner at Jones Day.

Jones Day recognizes that your development into an exceptional lawyer is a journey that starts the first day you walk in the door and continues throughout your career. The Firm provides ongoing professional development and training opportunities to lawyers at every level of practice.

Informal Training

Despite the merits of formalized CLE and other training programs, for most of our lawyers, the best and most effective training comes from daily interactions with their peers. Whether drafting a deal document, taking a deposition, or trying a case, the opportunity to do your best work and receive constructive feedback from a more experienced colleague will teach you to write more concisely, ask questions more clearly, organize a brief more effectively, and make more persuasive arguments.

Formal Training

The Firm also boasts a number of Firmwide training programs, including sessions on accounting for lawyers, fact investigation, client interviews, business development, negotiation skills, oral communications, and legal writing.

Our practices also conduct practice-specific training. Examples of recent programs include labor and employment developments, e-discovery, trial graphics, depositions, expert testimony, and antitrust basics.

In addition, Jones Day maintains a Privileged Membership with the Practicing Law Institute that entitles all our lawyers unlimited access to traditional live training programs, on-demand web programs, and live webcasts, among other benefits.

Consistent with its position as a premier global law firm, Jones Day offers salary and benefits packages competitive within individual geographic markets. Associate compensation is reviewed annually in connection with our evaluation process. Salary determinations are based upon merit, considering an individual's total contribution to the Firm, individual development, and effectiveness.

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