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Environmental Transactions

Our lawyers have conducted due diligence in connection with hundreds of large and small environmental transactions for both public and private companies throughout the world.

Transactions involving industrial facilities and other real estate (including brownfields) require comprehensive evaluation of the regulatory, liability, and workplace safety and health issues related to the transaction. Our lawyers offer substantial experience in structuring and coordinating these types of investigations, including working closely with environmental consultants.

We are also familiar with all aspects of greenhouse gas emission responses, including implementation of national and international emission reduction requirements and development of practical solutions to the challenges created by increasingly complex environmental markets. Our lawyers have experience in the structuring, financing, and undertaking of emissions trading projects under the clean development mechanisms (CDMs) and joint implementation projects of the Kyoto Protocol, as well as identifying investment opportunities in clean energy fuel switching and renewable energy projects.
Featured Experience
Thomas A. Hamilton
John H. Grady III