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Patent Litigation

Experienced trial counsel are the linchpin in any patent case and, at Jones Day, patent litigation represents the largest activity of our IP practice with many seasoned, first-chair trial lawyers experienced in all aspects of this complex and multidimensional area of the law.

Consistently ranked at the top of all surveys regarding the number of patent cases brought and defended annually, we handle all aspects of patent litigation, including related arbitration/alternative dispute resolution proceedings and appeals to the Federal Circuit. In particular, we represent many of the largest computer, semiconductor, telephony, and internet companies in the world. And with nearly 20 years of experience and well over 50 Hatch-Waxman cases for "Big Pharma", we are at the forefront of complex patent litigation disputes faced by today’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

Finally, and probably of greatest significance to our clients, we take great pride in staffing cases in an efficient and economical manner with strict case management to ensure that agreed upon budgets are met.

Featured Experience
Calvin P. Griffith
Greg Lanier
Silicon Valley
Hilda C. Galvan
Christian Paul