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Employee Benefits in Mergers & Acquisitions, including Private Equity

With the experience gained in thousands of transactions, Jones Day benefits lawyers understand deal-making and work closely with lawyers in the Firm's highly-ranked Mergers & Acquisitions Practice to create successful solutions to the difficult compensation and benefits issues raised by today’s business transactions.

In due diligence, we know which issues need focus and which do not.  We identify liabilities that need to be allocated between the parties and reflect the allocations precisely in the transaction documents.  Where the focus is how employment and benefit arrangements, including equity compensation rights and employment agreements, are to be treated in and after the transaction, we design sensible solutions consistent with the theory of the deal. When needed, our solutions are expressed in the transaction documents to provide flexibility and protection for our clients.

Featured Experience
Daniel C. Hagen
New York
Sarah Heck Griffin
Los Angeles
Eric H. Mosier
New York