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Judicial Support of International Proceedings

The success of foreign court and arbitral proceedings often turns on judicial intervention at critical points in the process – an aspect of international dispute resolution that our Global Disputes lawyers pursue with excellent results.

We build dispute resolution teams that address all facets of international disputes, including providing skilled litigators to secure judicial support when necessary both in arbitrations and at trial.  These efforts may involve requests for emergency measures, enforcing or resisting motions to compel, or addressing the composition of arbitral panels.  As disputes move forward, our litigators may request interim measures, including requests for discovery before international tribunals, such as through 28 U.S.C. § 1782 in the United States or Norwich Pharmacal discovery orders in the United Kingdom.  Following the disposition of a dispute, our experience in requesting judicial involvement may be critical in enforcement, execution, attachment, asset tracking, and recovery proceedings.

Featured Experience
Caroline N. Mitchell
San Francisco
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New York
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Los Angeles